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My true name is Rebecca Wilson but my artistic nickname has become Valkyrie1008 as that is how I am commonly known on other creative websites. I am greatly fascinated by Norse culture, history and mythology.

In this blog you will not only find out about events in my life that affect my work and my creativity but also be able to view my latest stories/novel chapters, and of course anything remotely interesting that's remotely linked to vikings and norse mythology.
I originate from North Yorkshire having been born in the old Viking capital of the north, Jorvik aka York. I have just graduated with a degree in English Studies with Creative Writing with a 2.1 mark from Huddersfield University. I am currently working as a full time College Librarian at a local college in Huddersfield where I now live with my partner.

I began writing when I was 16 after my mock exams and inspired by David Eddings series. I have written 3 rough novels since then but they only made it to being a first draft. A few years later I became fascinated with Viking culture, history,legends and myths. Soon I began weaving such tales into my own stories.
One such short story. 'The Old Ways Never Die', I submitted to Joanne Harris’s Fan Fiction competition inspired by her childrens novel Runemarks which is drenched in Norse mythology. I didn’t win but I did get an honourable mention on her website, a link to my story for others to read and a sent a handmade rune talisman and a personal thank you note complimenting my work. Click here for proof - http://joanne-harris.co.uk/v3site/fans/fanfic.html 

I am currently developing the mentioned short story into a full length novel title 'Soul Chaser' - draft chapters are made availble to read and for feedback. Learn the basic idea behind it by visiting the Novel Brief and Blurb section.

I am also a keen amateur photographer mainly of wildlife and scenery as well creative in textiles and just starting to dabble with a bit drawing and painting.

You can also find me on Twitter @soulchaserbecky.

If you wish to contact me about any of my works please go to my profile to access my email address.

May Frigg guide and Freya guard you.

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