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Famous Meetings

 Tim Severin, author of the Viking Trilogy - I met at Huddersfield Public Library December 2008 at an author evening.

Joanne Harris (left - my all time favourite norse fantasy writer/author), Michael Stewart (middle - taught all I know about writing during degree at Hudd Uni also a creative genius) and David Gill (right - local poet who was also poetry tutor during degree)
My 3 writing role models at the 1st Grist Anthology Awards and Huddersfield Literature Festival Launch Party March 2009!

Author C.C Humphreys (Vlad: The Last Confession) and I at his spooky author event in a dark pub celler on Friday 13th March 2009.

Michael Stewart (former tutor at Hudd Uni) Editor and genius behind The Grist Anthology of New Writing annual competition and publication. At the Grist Launch Night - November 2009.

Cressida Cowell - author of the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series which is now a hit 3D film!
Met at the Jorvik Viking Festival 2010 - she liked my viking gear :)

Me and Joanne Harris at the launch event of the York City Big Read 2010 (July) where the whole city is encouraged to read her most famous book 'Chocolat' - But I'm more of a fan of her norse mythology book Runemarks. She said she liked my valkyrie t-shirt! The one I had made and worn in her honour :)

Me and author Giles Kristian, the creator of the Raven viking historical fiction series (Bloodeye and Sons of Thunder) at the Festival of History 2010 - July 18th, Kellmarsh Hall, Northampton. He is truly the best author I've met so far who genuinely wanted to get to know me and my writing. I dare say although we don't talk much I consider him a friend.

 Me and Bernard Cornwell, author of the Uhtred/Anglo-Saxon/Viking historical fiction series, at Manchester Literature Festival 2010. He said he liked my t-shirt - the one I made myself with a valkyrie on. Seems all my favourite authors have good taste.

 Me and my new favourite viking historical fiction author Gile Kristian at his Raven promotional stand at the Waterstone store in York during the Jorvik Viking Festival 2011. He Liked My Cloak :D *swoon* 

 Me and debut historical author Victoria Campbell, whom wrote Viking Gold, at the Jorvik Festival 2012. She was so cool with her own sword (a gift from her husband) and a beautiful battleaxe (a gift from her mother-in-law). She was also super nice and friendly and even invited me out for coffee after her event. I would say that makes us friends :)

Me and the debut historical novelist James Aitcheson, behind the brilliant Sworn Sword (the book he's holding), met at Jorvik Festival 2012 and had a nice but brief chat with him and have also been in touch via email. Another small claim to a new famous friend :)

 Me and american author Christopher Spellman outside the Jorvik Centre in York, April 2012. He wrote The Raven and the Wolf series - Chronicle 1 and Chronicle II. He was gracious enough to meet me for a chat over coffee as he was visiting family in the UK whilst on holiday.

Me meeting author and comic genius Terry Deary (yep the guy behind Horrible Histories) at the Jorvil Valhalla exibition of gravegoods and burials at York, 1st August 2012. He was very charming and funny and didn't seem at all worried that a nearly 25 year old was going to read all his Viking Tales books hehehe.

Me and my new author friend VM Whitworth beside my favourite piece of viking age sculpture (it's double vine scrolled don't you know?) at the Viking Valhalla exhibtion in York, 23.09.2012 where she gave a very passionate and exciting lecture on the subject. She also happened to have written the brilliant book The Bone Thief which I also got her to sign hehehe

 Me meeting Joanne for the 3rd time in my life at the Jorvik Viking Festival 2014 at her launch of her 3rd norse fantasy book - the Gospel of Loki - that's right she has retold the Norse Myths all completely from Loki's perspective. If you want to know what I think of it visit my book review section by clicking on the image of my bookshelves in top right or find the tag for it in the list down the right hand side. One word - AWESOME. 

 Me meeting author James Aitcheson, genius behind the Tancred novels, at the York Waterstones during the Jorvik Viking Festival 2014 - and finally getting all 3 of his books signed. He is a very nice fella and a brilliant young talent - the more I become friends with him the more I hope his talent will rub off on me hehehe.

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