Soul Chaser (WIP) - Novel Blurb

Title: Soul Chaser

Genre: Magic Realism/Urban Fantasy/Norse Fantasy

Cover tagline: "There are more than Angels and Devils after your soul."

Novel Blurb:

There is more to life than fame and fortune.
There is more after death that Heaven and Hell.
There are more than Angels and Devils after your soul.

Jennifer Wallace knows these three universal truths more than most.

Since the day her life ended.
Since the day she was cast in the chaos of purgatory.
Since the day her soul was saved.

Not by the Angels of God.
But by the Valkyries of Odin.

The old Norse Pantheon of the Viking era are still very much alive.

Jennifer finds new meaning for her after-life in the ranks of Valkyries and trains to become a soul guide and guardian of the dead. Yet she is still troubled by the deepst loss of all, not her previous life but the very memory of it. A past so blackened by the mysterious traumatic incident which ended her mortal life that even Odin himself can not see beyond it.

Until one incident, one meeting, one decision.

Truth is shattered. Belief is broken. Faith begins to falter.
A power struggle is about to entangle the lives of the living, the dead and the divine.
On her quest to save the future of all of Asgard she will discover links to the past she has lost.
A past that may be the greatest threat of all....

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