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Here you will find lots of links to various thinks I like or are connected to me in one way or the other. I hope you find something interesting.
  1. Giles Kristian author interview - Raven Saga - Odin's Son's Blog Tour
  2. Tessa Gratton author interview - Strange Maid (United States of Asgard) - Valkyrie Norse Fantasy
  3. Tee G Ayer author interview - Valkyrie novels Dead Radiance and Dead Embers - Norse fantasy
  4. A.K Morgen author interview - Fall (Ragnarok Prophecies) Blog Tour - Norse Fantasy
  5. Ingrid Paulson author interview - Valkyrie Rising novel
  6. Saranna DeWylde author interview - Darkeyrie Saga novellas
  7. 'The Old Ways Never Die' short story and honourable mention on Joanne Harris website
  8. Review of attending a Bernard Cornwell event at Manchester Lit Fest 2010
  9. M D Lachlan author interview - Wolfsangel + Fenrir - Norse Fantasy
  10. Discover a hoard of viking books - historical, fantasy and non-fiction
  11. Writer profile and interview on Average Jane blog
  12. Interview on Writers Own Words blog 
  13. Piece about how I created my unique Soul Chaser valkyrie t-shirt at Unfinished Project Party website
  14.  Viking ghost story - Guest blog post at Feckless Goblin blog
Awesome Authors:
Joanne Harris - Author of Runemarks -
Betsy Tobin - Author of Ice Land -
M D Lachlan - Author of Wolfsangel -  

Greg van Eekhout - Author of Norse Code -
James Lovegrove - Author of Age of Odin -
Tim Severin - Author of the Viking Trilogy -
Robert Low - Author of the Oathsworn Series -
Bernard Cornwell - Author of the Saxon Stories Series -
Giles Kristian - Author of the Raven Series - 
Christopher Spellman - Author of the The Raven and The Wolf: -
Chris D'Lacey - Author of the Dragon Series -
C. C. Humphreys - Author of 'Vlad: The Last Confession' -
Cressida Cowell - Author of the Hiccup Collection -
T. G. Ayer - Author of the Valkyrie novel trilogy-
James Aitcheson - Author of the Conquest series -  
Ingrid Paulson - Author of Valkyrie Rising novel -
Tessa Gratton - Author of Lost Sun/Strange Maid (United States of Asgard) -
AK Morgen - Author of Fade/Fall (Ragnarok Prophecies) -

You can read my reviews of these authors books and more in my Viking book section on the website featuring Historical fiction, Norse fantasy and Viking history non-fiction. The collection just keeps growing so if Viking is your interest you will be bound to find a good book there. Justclick on the page:

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