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Becky Bookworm Book Review - Flame (Book 3 of the Ragnarok Prophesies) by A K Morgen

Flame (The Ragnarök Prophesies #3)Flame by A.K. Morgen

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I started reading this many months after Fall and so I did have to trawl my memory to remind who is who, who is good and bad, each time a name was mentioned. Of course I couldn't ever forget Arionna and Dace and their two kindred wolf spirit/souls Geri and Freki. Their evolving relationship between each other and between their wolves made such a huge impact on me emotionally and psychologically during the first two books Fade and Fall.
This book I think, after reading it, feels shorter than the previous two but each piece of drama and action is highly intense. Plus there is a strong focus on trust, loyalty, lies and secrets in this third book. Both between Dace and Arionna but also amongst their small group of friend and family, semi-human and shifter alike, but also amongst their enemies as hidden agendas and true identities are revealed - not least of all that of Hati and Skol - the eternal enemies of Geri and Freki.
The danger gets closer to Dace and Arionna than either had predicted and proves their worst fears - that there is no safety for either of them and that they are incredibly unprepared for defending let along attacking the enemy and preventing Ragnarok.
There is also danger on an individual level from within as Arionna struggles to form a bond with Freki to make her strong enough to survive any attack without relying on Dace and Geri. But her human health is compromised with each new connection, leaving her more vulnerable despite the cost.
In the end a two-pronged attack is launched by the pair and their few remaining allies and although a minor victory is won - the sacrifice required to gain is one the reader will never see coming.
It leaves an ending that isn't in fact the final conclusion and I for one sincerely hope that A K Morgen continues to write out this stunning piece of Norse fantasy. I just hope it doesn't take too long for Book 4 to appear as I will most certainly not take so long to read it with this jaw-dropping cliff-hanger leaving me gasping for more.

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