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A Name Meaning Pride - A Poem inspired by Dragon Age Inquisition : Trespasser (DLC)


A Name Meaning Pride

by Rebecca Hill

Halamshiral summoned.
Soldiers march and standards rise.
Nations gather under Orlesian skies.

Divine Victoria, sacred judge.
Friends and Allies re-unite.
Each concerned about the political fight.

Two years of peace.
But can peace last without a war?
Is the Inquisition needed anymore?

Hidden agendas, angry words.
Amidst the tension, a dead Qunari is found.
Danger imminent, suspicion on all around.

Eluvian secrets, Elvhen ruins.
Well of Sorrows whispers in your ears.
Lyrium and gatlock, deepens their fears.

Bombs detected, foiled, prevented.
Suspect locations found in all cities.
All parties have conflicting priorities.

Inquisitor and companions leave.
Journeying through Eluvian, chasing Qunari.
Aware of an unknown agent party.

The Anchor, glares green and bright.
What magic has re-activated your wound?
Such pain, is your life already doomed?

Fen’harel, god or man?
Stories long forgotten, revealed in Anchor’s light.
Is anything the Dalish know, true and right?

Viddasalla spits a name.
Believe her or not, suspicion is planted.
Only from HE can answers be granted.

Saarath freed, power seized.
Battle for the truth is intense and hard.
Spells cast and swords slash, yard by yard.

Qunari statues, stone and silent.
Ahead you find him, traitor or friend.
All you want is for the lies to end.

Solas is Fen’Harel.
Ancient stories true and not true.
He says he didn’t want to hurt you.

Restoration and sacrifice.
His quest for the past, will destroy your future.
Your heart breaks and the Anchor rupture.

You beg, he denies.
The return of Arlathan and all that once was.
Not even your love will stop his cause.

Pain intensifies, body crumbles.
A shared kiss, farewell given, Anchor sealed.
Your arm is lost, no power left to wield.

Eluvian closes, left alone.
Anger and sadness combust inside.
You scream at the world, a name meaning Pride.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Becky Bookworm Book Review - Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

Prince of Fools (The Red Queen's War, #1)Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A very different but very engaging and exciting fantasy set in an alterative post-nuclear-war-global-flooding world where countries are Kingdoms and the Middle Ages blends with Renaissance depending on which country you are in.
Princley Rogue and Scoundrel of a protoganist and a gentle but battle-forged giant of a Viking make a very animated and captivating duo. As each becomes entangled in a complex and far reaching spell that will require them to survive together for many will try to tear them apart...
Hugely entertaining. Great imagining of an alternative world where current civilisation has fallen. Many superb lines of dialogue and descriptions evoke scenes clear as crystal.
Hugely delighted to have discovered this series as a gift from a student. Looking forward to starting book two.

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Becky Bookworm Book Review - Swordland by Edward Ruadh Butler

Swordland (Swordland Series)Swordland by Ruadh Butler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who knew such a small book could contain such drama, action, adventure and war.
Which isn't surprising considering the main cast of characters are Norman - the people who assumed the mantle of Warlords after the age of the Vikings.
However, it may be surprising to many whom like me aren't familiar with Norman history beyond October 1066, that this tale is set not in England, but firstly in Wales and then on to Ireland.
For the Normans didn't just transform the fate of England, but also our neighbours in both land and sea. The Welsh weren't entirely happy having the Normans as new neighbours and so proved problematic, yet it seemed the only people who were even slightly happy for the Norman's arrival - were the Irish, or some of the Irish. Mainly those who were losing an age old feud against other feudal Lords and the High King. They see an opportunity to lure theses masters of war with the offer of land, so they can defeat their enemies and claim back more land than they lost.
Thus you are introduced to Robert Fitz Stephen, a proud Norman who will prove to be both Ireland's saviour and it's doom.
The drama kicks off from the very first sentence on the first page and keeps up all the way through. So many characters both good and bad or in-between, both Norman, Welsh and Irish, and even the settled Norsemen of Ireland who also had to face the Normans, all help give the reader a 360 degree omniscient view of the entire story.

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