Friday, 17 March 2017

Becky's Big Day in London: British Museum & Last Kingdom Season 2 Premier

Sometimes luck and fate can work together to allow your dreams to come true.

Such events are rare and I have been blessed to encounter a few in my life and one occured recently that combines my love of history and anything vikingy.

It all began when a special invite to attend the Premier of Season 2 of The Last Kingdom - a hit BBC/Netflix TV series based upon the bestselling Anglo-Saxon chronicle series which follows the epic and historical founding of England under the rise of King Alfred against the Viking Danes - landed in my Twitter DM inbox on Friday 3rd March.

I have been a fan of the books since I was sixteen and it was in fact The Last Kingdom book which ignited my love of all things vikingy as I fell in love with the way of life and the mythology just like Uthred, the fictional protagonist who was born a Saxon but kidnapped and raised as a Dane.

I was truly delighted and love the first TV series adapation back in 2015/2016. The cast, the action, the dialogue and of course setting and costume were all top quality.

So I was overjoyed when I learned Season 2 begins tonight, two weeks ago, and jumped over the moon when the Team at TLK decided to invite me, a humble fan to watch the 1st episode before everyone else and meet the cast!?

I was overwhelmed with the gratitude for them to invite me and I will be eternally thankful to my employers to let me have the day off to attend.

I decided to make the most of my day in London by visiting the British Museum before my special event at NBC Universal Studio Offices.
I of course went straight to the Anglo-Saxon section and marvelled at the wonders of Sutton Hoo. Followed by the Viking section where my jaw dropped as I finally got up close to the Franks Caskett which is a rare and beautiful object.
I did take LOTS of photographs of many different objects but these two were my favourite.
Replica of the Sutton Hoo Helmet - must have been a true marvel of craftsmanship even then.
My fav side of the Franks Caskett (all 4 equally stunningly carved) - this depicts a Norse myth of Weyland the Smith on the left - then on the right the 3 Kings presenting gifts to Mary & Jesus
Then it was onto TLK HQ where me and other fans and members of the production team were ushered into a luxurious inhouse cinema room to watch the first episode.
The only thing missing was popcorn.
It was as good as if not better than the first series combined, we rejoined familar characters and also met new ones, there are lots of new plot twists accompanied by superb dialogue and epic action and drama.
Have no doubts or fears fellow fans - Season 2 of TLK is going to be as awesome as the first if not a whole other level up.
Afterwards we had chance to mingle with the cast!
My first encounter was the tall and considerate Rune Temte who played Ubba in Season 1. He showed a genuine interest in me as a fan which he also is despite no longer featuring in the story.
Rune with his Ubba face on... he really isn't that scary at all...
I then met the superb gentleman that is David Dawson who plays King Alfred. He again happily answered my questions and recognised me as a fellow Northerner. We both agreed Aethelflaed, Alfreds daughter, deserves more recognition.
Such a charming gentlemen
I then met Harry McEntire who plays the mischievous Aethelwold and he was really sweet and I loved telling him how I appreciate his character as he isn't outright evil but he definitely likes to have his own agenda.
He is just a loveable rogue in real life.
I then went up to Eliza who plays Aelswith, Alfreds stern and scary wife. Eliza is the complete opposite which just shows that she is a brilliant actress to act so against her naturally friendly and warm personality. 

Last but by no means least was meeting Alexander Dreymon, Uhtred son of Uhtred. He was really charming and I felt the most nervous talking to him. I bravely asked him how he felt having long hair and he did admitt it could be its own entity at time when filming and he revealed it took 9hrs to put in all those extentions and the same to take them all out.
I met Uhtred son of Uhtred son of Uhtred!
The whole day was a dream, the sun was shining, seeing my fav artifacts of history was amazing, the first episode and meeting the cast was epic - I owe one of the best days of my life to the TLK team for choosing little old me.

I wish and hope that Season 2 brings them more success and secures a third season.
Everyone who works on it from the costume designer to the stunt team to hair and make up to the writers and of course the actors deserve fame and recognition for excellent tv drama.
This as precious to me as Uhtred's sword is to him.


  1. I love historicals...I'll be looking up TLK

  2. So glad I was finally able to access your account of your marvelous day! I'll be watching for your comments about the show!


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