Monday, 15 February 2016

Jorvik Viking Festival 2016 - King Canute's Millennial Anniversary

This years Jorvik Viking Festival is a special one. Not just because the beloved Jorvik Viking Centre was unfortunately flooded at the end of the year due to severe storms. So support from attending this years events is an essential part in helping it repair and rebuild anew.

But also because its 1000yrs since a Viking sat on the throne.

Yes an actual real Viking (albeit it Christian). King Canute (or Cnut) claimed the English throne in 1016 after his long standing opponent Edmund Ironside (last son of Ethelread the Ill-Councilled). King Canute also married my other favourite norse historical figure, Emma of Normandy. She became Queen of England twice and Mother of two future Kings, one from each husband (Harthacnut & Edward).

I am going to excitedly attend 7 events:

- Tuesday 16th
1) Vikings in your Vocabulary with Richard Dance and Sara Pons-Sanz
2) Helen Thirz Addyman Lecture: In Praise of King Canute: Norse Poetry in England

- Wednesday 17th
3) Thorfinn the Nicest Viking with David Macphial
4) Coffin Fit - The Story of the Swinegate Skeletons

Friday 19th
5) Historical Writing Masterclass with Justin Hill
6) Canute, the Wave and the seeds of 1066 with Justin Hill

- Saturday 20th
7) King Canute's Spectacular Finale

There are loads more events listed on the website.

Even if you can't attend the Festival this year (many events already sold out) please, if you love history at all or appreciate how museums allow thousands to learn about history often for free, please donate to the Jorvik Viking Centre and help them generate funds to repair and rebuild a new, bigger & better Centre for 2017. Support their Campaign Canute.

You can read more about their positive plans for the future and how to donate by clicking here.

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