Monday, 13 July 2015

Becky Bookworm Book Review: The Apple Throne by Tessa Gratton (United States of Asgard Book 3) 
Since discovering the wonderful world that is The United States of Asgard created by the magician that is Tessa Gratton - I have been a fan! As a passionate lover of all things vikingy, in particular their mythology, why wouldn't I want to live in a parallel world where all of America is pagan, Odin hangs out with the Presidents, there is a Council of Valkyries as well as a special few Valkyries that deal with the death, where Beserkers are people with very real and dangerous anger problems to put it simply and where Lokiskin are the travellers of the countryside, visiting towns, hosting fairs and trading. All topped off of course with the wonderful power of Seeresses like Astrid who you meet in the first book, Lost Sun. Well Astrid is back and although she finds herself at the centre of all things, quite literally, she won't let the ribbons of fate bind her when her lover Soren is in trouble.
With all the action, adventure, mystery, danger and even more powerful magic than the first two - this is Astrid's story... click on the  cover for my full review.

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