Thursday, 22 January 2015

Brave New World: Jorvik Viking Festival 2015 - Great events = Great anticipation!

In February 2014 - the City of York, formerly known as Jorvik in the 9th-10th century witnessed THE END OF THE WORLD! Otherwise known as Ragnarok - The-End-Of-All-Things is another name (much grander sounding almost).
Yggdrasil - before it fell, Jorvik Festival 2014 (Castle Museum)
Now, in 2015, Jorvik will watch open-mouthed as the Nordic World is REBORN! 2014 was all doom and gloom what with Loki running around being naughty and Odin having to give him a good telling off (which ultimately ended all life in the process). 2015 is all about how the Norse Gods came into existence as well as the World, Yggdrasil and the many other nordic beings, creatures & Giants too.

I have already bought my tickets and there are some superb events lined up this year - so make sure you buy yours quick! There are only 22 days and counting before the Jorvik Viking Festival 2015 kicks off on Saturday 14th!

I am pleased to say I am attending 4 authors events (3 historical fiction & 1 history), 3 Legendary Arena Fights & 2 talks on Sword Injuries & Sword Fighting. Please click on the event titles to link through to their full details and maybe buy a ticket for yourself.

Monday 16th February:

Legendary Combat Arena: Fire vs Ice

Viking Voices: The Sword of Amlet with Vincent Atherton

Tuesday 17th February:

Legendary Combat Arena: The Mighty Odin vs Ymir the Giant

Viking Yorkshire with Matt Townend

Wednesday 18th February:

Legendary Combat Arena: Great Odin!

What did the Vikings ever do for us? With author Snorri Kristjansson

Thursday 19th February:

Viking-age combat: the physical effects of weapon trauma

Hollywood & the sword: dispelling popular myths about historical combat

Friday 20th February:

10th Century Traders at St Sampsons Square

God of Vengeance with Giles Kristian

I must also add I am very impressed with the community projects Jorvik have been working with in partnership & build up to the festival, in particular the Bloodaxe Book Challenge - to get children reading, but not just any books, to read about history. As a Librarian and supporter/organiser of The Reading Agency more national 'Six Book Challenge' & 'Summer Reading Challenge' I think it is a superb initiative. Plus Jorvik have also Fringe events including a storytelling event with English Heritage happening at Cliffords Tower, a Viking Minecraft event (to actually build a longship and the Nine Worlds) PLUS are screening How To Train Your Dragon (not true vikings but still an epic choice).

Sadly I am missing the grand finale, the birth of the Norse World due to a prior engagement that final weekend but still - I think I am going to have another really enjoyable year at Jorvik. 

After all - what can be better than seeing Gods duel Giants, meeting new authors and discovering more vikingy books?

Roll on February Half Term!

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