Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thorsday Thunder - Lightening, lightening and more lightening! (2014 Year of the Viking Special)

As we build up to the latest and currently last (need more history events please!) features in my 2014 Year of the Viking blog post series, involving the third talk from Jorvik DIG on Vikings in Normandy and History Live 2014 with Giles Kristian (author of Raven Bloodeye/Sons of Thunder/Odin's Wolves/God of Vengeance). I am going to take a slight detour but it is still pretty much viking orientated.

This particular event happened after my final Jorvik DIG talk and occured the Friday night before attending History Live 2014 and this event was one pretty much the whole country experienced in one form or another that weekend, it was entirely free to watch and was....of course....the freaky power of the masses of UK Thunder Storms!

I was staying with a relative in Northamptonshire, not far from Kelmarsh Hall where History Live takes place and at around 10.30ish pm Friday night, the skies went black, the thunder rolled and crazy lightening adorned the skies above. It was AWESOME! 

Thankfully I had the clever idea to film it all with the intention of watching it all back and taking snapshots of the light show Thor put on for us all, (I believe it was Thor giving his blessing to Giles Kristian who was making another appearance at History Live). Yet when I got home after a very fun weekend of being wet with rain for half a day then wet with sweat from intense heat the other half, (more details to come in a future post) my Fiance showed me a magic trick on the computer - how to slow down the video milisecond by milisecond frame and take snapshots of each bit of lightening I saw.

Well at first all I saw was glows in the clouds, pretty but not as cool as actual lightening, and then...with each frame I went through, I discovered lightening bolts, lightening forks, sheet lightening, triple forked lightening and basically more and more lightening! 

Thor had indeed put on a spectacular show of power and light that stormy night.

I was so excited and impressed by what I had caught that I quickly mastered a simple video programme to put all the snapshots of frames into a video montage with a quite near perfect soundtrack.

Please watch and behold the power of the mightiest God in Asgard - THOR!


I also dedicate this video and the joy it creates to my fav viking author Giles Kristian - for without his presence Thor might not have been as happy as he was to remind us all why he rules the thunderclouds.

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