Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Becky Bookworm Book Review: Iron Castle by Angus Donald (Outlaw Chronicles 6)

The Iron Castle (Outlaw Chronicles)The Iron Castle by Angus Donald

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you haven't read any of these Robin Hood novels - go away and read them.

If you have read them - be prepared. You may have thought that Alan went through a hellish ordeal of battle and war in Holy Warrior. You may have thought that Alan and Robin were remarkably lucky to escape and survive in Grail Knight well you will need some calm pills or a fan to cope with the huge amount of high levels of gripping action unlike any other that will increase your stress levels with each life-or-death battle that Alan and Robin must face. Often on a personal and emotional level.

And as the title says it does involve a specific castle and as the cover shows it is going to involve and does a battle not just of sword but of stone and arrows and missiles and fire and a weapon that I have never experienced as deeply as in this book - hunger. If you don't appreciate every litte bit of food you get to eat in the present day compared to the fare Alan and Robin and an army survive on - well all I can say is read it again when on an empty stomach.
Thankfully it is not just a story full of battles but about loyalty, kingship, comrades in arms and honour in the face of all things.

It is another masterfully crafted tale and a fantastic read. Cant wait to see where Robin and Alan go next and whether we will finally encounter the famous beginnings of the Baron's rebellion and the Magna Carter....

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