Monday, 27 January 2014

Becky Bookworm Book Review: Brother's Fury by Giles Kristian (Rivers Book 2)

Brother's Fury (Rivers Family, #2)Brother's Fury by Giles Kristian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Behind blood, sweat, fear and loyalty of conflict, battle and war Giles reminds us all that all soldiers, fighters and rebels are human with their own dreams and nightmares pushing them forward or haunting their steps.
For brothers Tom and Edmund Rivers it is no truer for they must overcome family loyalty to do what each believes is right in a world where no one knows what choice is wrong. It is an era where everyone has black and white beliefs but Giles reveals the blurred lines, the blending borders of a grey area which fractured a family, broke hearts, severed bonds and fuelled ever more chaos as every character we get to know tries their best to make their world right again. The engines of war are repeatedly churning the land to battlefields and ruin. Both sides struggling to claim as much land as they can whilst a sister searches for redemption for her youngest brother and hopes forgiveness from her eldest sibling. Even women protected or not are not safe from the men who dominate this age regardless of class. The battles and war the reader experiences is hot, dirty and filled with key moments of decision for when one will, or won't, overcome another. The brutal truth of it all is a very literal fight for survival even when their armour is good, the horses bold and the men well trained and loyal. In a split second none of that can matter, in the blink of an eye the advantage can be gained or lost. It is another edge of seat gripping read leaving the reader as always struggling to support either side but endlessly hoping and maybe even praying like Bess that the brothers can reunite in peace and kinship when the fury of the age has passed. Which leaves a small knot of concern in the readers chest as they wait and hope for their to be less strife for the Rivers family in the much anticipated book 3.
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