Sunday, 11 November 2012

Becky Bookworm Book Review: Dead Embers by T G Ayer - Valkyrie Novel 2

Yet again I've been blown away by the imagination of author T G Ayer as her Valkyrie novel trilogy continues from Dead Radiance to Dead Embers. She's one of my author heroes for bringing Valkyries to the fore in Norse Fantasy and for showing that Valkyries are way coooler than Angels falling in love with morals or Vampires falling in love with mortals any day!
So to see my review of Dead Embers simply click the cover image link and scroll down to find it immediately after Dead Radiance (just to briefly refresh yourself on how much I loved the first one). The least I can say is that I wasn't disappointed and other readers of the series won't be.

Dead Embers (Valkyrie, #2)

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