Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Why is it when Odin appeared as a Buzzard, Loki as a fox, that Thor comes as an old boat AND a mini steam engine?

Well I'm baaaack! Back from my northern family's annual invasion of Wessex to visit our Anglo-Saxon kin, recieve tribute in the form of fine food and drink, go exploring and raiding with them around their Dorset lands and then return back to our northern stronghold with lots treasure and memories.
This all happened after celebrating my 25 winters on this earth and what better way than to have a nice cruise down the river Ouse on a "longboat" towards Acaster Malbis, raid their pub for a tasty meal before returning to Jorvik on the water to see it all lit up in the night.
Heading on boat towards Skeldergate bridge, which is an old norse name for street of the shield makers
Jorvik lighting up the night upon the rider Ouse.
For my 25th birthday my mum got me this beautiful Wade longboat. Now all I need is a mini sail and a mini crew to explore the seas and maybe raid a pixie village hehehe. I love it though :)

Who will come gain fame and glory upon this fine vessel?
Now returning to the points mentioned in the title of this post, it refers to something I only discovered upon reflection today regarding any nordic sights during my travels on holiday. Sadly I didn't see many viking historic sites or monuments etc (plan is next year for a boat cruise from Pool Quay to Wareham -which did burn under a viking raid- and a trip to Winchester Cathedral to pay homage to the old bones of King Cnut and Queen Emma).

BUT I did witness manifestations of THOR 
on 2 CONESCUTIVE 'Thors'-days!! 

To begin with he appeared on the night of my dinner cruise on the Ouse which was the 9th of August, the Thors-day before my birthday on the 10th. He appeared as an old tug boat and I go so excited I couldn't help but photograph him...
THOR! As a boat Thors-day 9th August 2012
Then the following week when on holiday he appeared again on his name day, as a mini steam train. Didn't see it physically but at the mini station where we had a ride on such an engine there was a notice board up with proof he had taken such a form - again I took a photograph for evidence.
THOR! As a mini steamengine train 16th August 2012
Pretty wierd and COOL huh?

I did see a few other steam engines with historical names:

An age old King of Mercia who built a large Dyke earth wall between his lands and the start of Wales, the remains which can still be seen and dominate the landscape in that area. This was actually the train me and my family had a ride on.
The first reported King of England once he'd fought off most of the vikings in each old saxon territory.
And that sadly is about it for any cool historical stuff I came across on my holiday but as I mentioned earlier we've planned lots more on our 2013 raid and pillage trip to Wessex.

However, that's in the long term plans - for the short term plans I have got some very interesting Vikingy events coming up soon in September which you may also want to note for your diaries. Click on the link for more details.

Eating through the ages - Roman and Viking food and drink - 22nd September @ St Sampsons Square, York *Part of the York Food Festival

Fulford Battlefield Walk - 23rd September @ Fulford

Viking-Age Sculpture: an introduction with author and history professor V M Whitworth - September 24th @ Valhalla exhibition, York

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