Friday, 20 July 2012

Vikings and Flowers at the RHS Flower Show @ Tatton Park

Vikings and flowers. Two words you wouldn't really ever think of in the same sentence. After all, the Vikings aren't known for giving flowers to their neighbours.

Yet you'd be as suprised as I was when I was channel flicking on the TV last night, stumbled into the RHS Flower Show on BBC 2 and heard the name King Cnut/Knut/Canute mentioned and how he was going to be incorporated into a flower garden. Of course the main source of the idea is King Cnut and the tide. Which is a scene used as the main logo image of Caldwell's Nursery, there is also a reference to Knutsford which legend has it that King Cnut visited there.

Click on this link to see the short episode clip on this interesting mix of viking/english history and garden design.

Time and Tide: Caldwell's and Canute - Silver Medal Winning Garden

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