Monday, 9 July 2012

Have a good summer's raiding (despite the rain)! - Viking themed events Summer 2012

I've been planning what to do with my few weeks of summer holidays and I'm proud to say that I've discovered quite a few fantastic Viking themed events happening right up until September/October!
So here are my top picks for Viking fanatics and some of the one's I'm going pillage and plunder for knowledge and entertainment: Links take you to the Events page at the Jorvik Viking Centre website.

  1. Vikings at the Halifax Festival - When? = 14th July  
  2. Valhalla: Search for the Viking Dead Exhibition - When? = 21 July 2012 till 5th November 2012
  3. Terry Deary's Vicious Valhalla - Author Appearence, book siging and chance to purchase his 'Viking Tale' books - When? = YORKshire Day 1st August
  4. Yorkshire Medieval Festival - When? = 4th August till 11th
  5. Fulford Battle Walk - the place where King Harald Hardrada of Norway had his final victory before finding defeat and death at Stamford Bridge, 1066 - a place worthy of remembrance - When? = 23rd September 2012
  6. Stamford Bridge Battle Walk - the meeting place of the two Kings, Harald vs Harold - Hardrada vs Godwinson - here is where the pages of history were written in blood. Highly Recommended. When? = 30th September 2012
I personally will strive to attend the Valhalla exhibition, Terry Deary event (always pillaging for viking fiction) and the Fulford and Stamford Bridge Battle Walks. I have yet to see Fulford so that would be a real treat. I have been to Stamford Bridge before, in fact only this spring did I go there on a private outing with my Mum and we did have a good time, to see photos to get a taster of what you might experience without the use of an experienced guide or historian on the area click here to see my personal photographic tour.

Hope to see many Viking fans in attendance of these events. Do let me know if and where you can make it!

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