Thursday, 26 July 2012

Confessions from my inner child - Thor, Disney's Tangled and another princess who didn't have her happy ending...

Now if anyone reading this or following my blog ALSO follows me on Twitter you will think that I've officially lost the plot recently and all over a certain Disney film which I FINALLY got round to watching this last weekend.
Yep I fell hook, line and sinker for the delightful, funny, clever and often moving film that is.......


 Yes, I can hear you're gasps of shock, horror and maybe a few thuds from people fainting.
How can a girl like me who is obsessed with strong, muscular, blood-thirsty, brave and even terrifying Vikings EVER become enchanted by a Disney film?

Well the truth is that despite being WOWed by the Vikings with all their history, sagas, culture and impact on history and people around the world...

I am still a girl at heart and I always keep my inner child alive and well with my imagination and romantic tendancies. And I am sucker for a good fairy-tale - with this one having an interesting twist it made me even more susceptable to its charm.

And with the charismatic, cheeky, lovable rogue of a man that is the handsome Flynn Rider he really was the icing on the cake (although his real name is....nope I won't say it might spoil the surprise in the film if anyone dares to watch it hehehe) ...and yes he does prove to be worth a 'swoon' or two at the end.
See even my new favourite Disney characters love books!
Plus I also heard the name of a Norse God in the film although why he's been linked to flower arranging I will never know but at least he doesn't have a horned helmet hehehe. Oh he only appears for a split second half way through a sing-song called 'I have a Dream'.

All the songs were brilliant, including the love song and I've been singing it to myself a lot recently so I've actually proven how much I loved this film by ordering the sound track so at least I can sing along to actual music and not just play it in my head. 

Anyway, I confesss to watching 'Tangled' repeatedly each evening from my favourite parts being the scenes where love finally blossoms and the ending which ....well... I daren't say too much about that either but I think it was a really heart-felt genuine ending that actually moved me emotionally.

Yet a little bit of a clue is in this rather clever and rather funny video I discovered courtesy of the 3D World magazine. For this poor princess may get her lover but she doesn't get the happy ending that Rapunzel did. Enjoy!

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  1. I have to say, I'm with you on everything you said in this post! I love Tangled, especially a certain character by the name of Flynn Rider (^__~), and I find myself singing along with the songs at the most random times. Great film.

    (Also, the video at the end was brilliant! :D)


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