Thursday, 7 June 2012

Viking Scarborough

King John's Chamber ruinsView from Scarborough Castle cliff topView from Scarborough Castle cliff topView from Scarborough Castle cliff topView from Scarborough Castle cliff topRear view for Scarborough Castle
Rear view for Scarborough CastleScarborough Castle GatesWho says Vikings didn't come to Scarborough?View from over the southern entranceView over North Bay from castle wallsLooking up the cliff wall side
Approaching the old castle keepLooking back from wall edgeBetter view from walls of North BayScarborough Castle KeepThe Castle Keep and the Civil WarScarborough Castle Keep
View from Keep windowKeep Main HallKeep Main Hail ruinsView from Keep window out to see100_7533Scarborough Castle Keep illustration
Viking Scarborough, a set on Flickr.
A photographic tour of Scarborough Castle ruins and Keep and the discovery of a Viking Millennium Stone in dedication to the forgotten viking heritage of Scarborough, Viking fiction and even Viking swords!
Vikings settled there in 1000AD and even King Harald Hardrada landed there in 1066 but sadly destroyed the local inhabitatants and buildings.

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  1. I never knew of Scarborough's Viking heritage. The next time I go there, I'll definitely have to check out Scarborough Castle. I've only ever been to Scarborough for visits to the seaside, so it'll be nice to learn more about its history.

    Going slightly off topic, I've nominated you for the Booker Award, which is passed on to those who love to blog about books! The full details are on my blog :)

    Take care,


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