Thursday, 3 May 2012

Becky Bookworm Book Review: The Bone Thief by V M Whitworth

I do love it when I come across a historical novelist who's finally breathing some fresh air in to the genre by introducing new mystery and excitement in one small part of the wide berth of english history that is often overlooked and forgotten. Such as the period after the death of King Alfred the Great? We all remember him but do many remember what happened after he died? Who ruled? How did the country cope? Did the Vikings return with a vengeance? Or did everything settle down and become peaceful? These are the types of questions I think spawned the idea of The Bone Thief in the marvellous mind of author V M Whitworth. She debuted her first fiction novel at the Jorvik Viking Festival in York this year (2012) sadly I was at a nordic textile event and unable to attend but thanks to the wonders of online selling I still managed to get my hands on her book. It really was a genuine delight to read with such refreshing characters bursting full of life I really do recommend it to anyone who has a taste for history and adventure.
Please click on the cover below to be taken to my full review available exclusively on the Fabtasy site.
 The Bone Thief

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