Saturday, 19 May 2012

Battles with the Blurbs - Soul Chaser - V2

Yep, as predicted I wasn't happy with last version so after another period of rewrites I've done another one which is what I'm aiming for but I'm buggered trying to get it to fit into 100, this time it's the 190 mark hehehe.
Have another read and let me know what you think please - you might also get a taster for where I want Jenny's journey to go over the entire novel.

Millions believe that after death they will go to heaven.
Very rarely do they consider going to Asgard, home of the Viking Gods.
That is where Jennifer Wallace is taken after her soul was claimed by a Valkyrie of Odin.
Her cause of death is unknown but deemed traumatic as it has left her with no memory of her mortal life.
Several years on Jennifer is beginning to find peace in her Afterlife and is even training to become a Valkyrie herself.
Yet the tranquillity of Asgard is shattered when Jennifer witnesses the first of many devastating attacks against her Valkyrie sisters. Even the Gods, including Odin himself, are disturbed by the unknown dark force that threatens them.
Jennifer must master new powers and make new allies when she is entrusted with the secret location of an object sacred to Odin which may prevent the encroaching war that all fear will come.
Will she prove worthy when the quest to save their future will uncover the truth about her past?
A past that even the all-knowing god Odin has yet to realise may turn out to be the biggest danger of all....

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