Thursday, 17 May 2012

Battles with the Blurb - Soul Chaser rewrite

As I've been on my lengthy train journeys across the border to Wales to learn how to be a good librarian and run a successful library I've had plenty of time to think some more about my plot for Soul Chaser. Currently have a draft idea for chapter fourteen which sees things getting serious for gods and valkyrie alike but also the introduction of a new possibly influential character to Jenny's journey. Things aren't set in stone yet but I like the way this new chapter nicely evolved out of all that's happened before.<br>
On a slightly different note I've also been tinkering with the blurb for Soul Chaser. Yes I can hear writers and authors gasping in horror. I know its pointless having a perfect blurb when the novel isn't finished but hey it set some fireworks off in my imagination as to where I want Jenny to go during the novel. I did seek some advice in the form of the writers and artists year book guide to getting published and they advise an average of 100 words. So that's what I set my word count as. After six attempts I got it down to 103 but to me it still lacked he intrigue needed to get a reader from the back cover to the first page. So after several more attempts I've got a draft I'm fairly happy with of 123 words.
The reason I'm rewriting the blurb is because the current one is too poetic, vague and long. It says alot about nothing effectively.

So here is my twelfth draft I hope you approve. Please do share any thoughts or suggestions in the comments section.

"Millions believe that after death they will go to Heaven.
Very rarely do they consider going to Asgard, home of the Viking gods.
That is where Jennifer Wallace was taken after being claimed by a Valkyrie. Her cause of death is unknown but traumatic enough to leave her with no memory of her past life.
Six years on she is content and training to be a Valkyrie herself.

That peace is shattered when she witnesses an unknown force beginning random devestating attacks on her sisters.

Jennifer will have to untangle a web of ancient lies to unmask their attackers.

What will she do when the truth reveals more about her past?

Will it be in time to save her future?"

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