Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Danelaw Adventures Part 1: Stamford Bridge, King Harold + King Hardrada

Me at the Battle of Stamford Bridge memorialHistorical heraldic emblem of Stamford BridgeViking Road, Stamford BridgeKings Garth, Stamford BridgeDaneswell Close + Battleflats Way, Stamford BridgeKingsway
Battle scene on Stamford Bridge mapSwordsman Inn sign, Stamford BridgeSwordsman Inn, Stamford BridgeBattle of Stamford Bridge memorial stone and plaqueBattle of Stamford Bridge memorial plaqueMemorial stone plaque, Stamford Bridge
Remembering the fallen Norwegian VikingsMe at the Battle of Stamford Bridge memorialMe at the former bridge spotTHE site of the historical Stamford BridgeViking Road, Stamford BridgeBattleflats Way, Stamford Bridge
Battle of Stamford Bridge - Battle planMe by the Kings Chase battle monumentStamford Bridge pot mugThe Stamford Bridge hessian bag

Stamford Bridge, a set on Flickr.
A historical photographic tour of the village of Stamford Bridge in North Yorkshire where the 2nd (yes, that is right, the first was the Battle of Fulford) in 1066 which would help decide the fate of English history.
Sadly there is not as much to see as there should be for such an important place. As this is where a great king of Norway fell and the last time an Anglo-Saxon won a battle before the events of Hastings and the arrival of the Normans. But I hope you enjoy what I managed to photographic to share and help people remember this place better. It is important to note that despite a historical monument to commemorate the battle, there is no such monument or even a sign to mark where the famous bridge was.

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