Thursday, 1 March 2012

A glimpse into my hoard of viking books - worth all the danegeld in the world! - In honour of World Book Day 2012

Spread some Viking Love on World Book Day 2012

Although I work in a Library, because we're with teenagers we didn't do a lot to celebrate World Book Day 2012 apart from mess about with some posters and create a nice display that was sadly put so far out of the way no one really noticed it. I couldn't even dress up as my favourite character (i.e. medieval maiden/viking volva).

Anyway to help spread the viking love on such a brilliant day for bookworms everywhere I have individually photographed all of my favourite viking books (fantasy, historical and non-fiction) and put them up in a FaceBook album for everyone to see including links to those I have reviewed on my blog/goodreads/

So please follow the link and take a peek if you can Hoard of Viking Books

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