Sunday, 19 February 2012

Memories of Valhalla

Vikings in Jorvik!Viking Shield WallViking Battle Practise - Jorvik Festival 2009Vikings have arrived!Golden Eagle GazeEagle Glare
Jer FalconBald EagleGreat Eared European Eagle OwlShield Wall ClashTo the Death!Ransom or her life!?
Viking ShipBattle Practice - Preparing for shield wallBattle Practise - Shield wall clashBattle Practise - spearman forwardsBattle Practise - shield wall clashBeard competition - who wins?
Jorvik Vikings Shield WallViking screaming match against kidsArmy marches to battle!A great and royal Anglo-Saxon helmet of oldAnlgo-Saxon WarriorsVikings - dead or alive?

Jorvik Festival, a set on Flickr.

I've just added my favourite pictures from the Jorvik Viking Festival 2012 to my Jorvik photo collection on my Flickr account. So the first ones you see won't be from this year but a few years past but please feel free to browse through to the collection - the ones for this year will have the Jorvik2012 tag and feature the Holmgang I witnessed and the Battle of Fulford Tapestry.

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