Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jorvik Viking Festival 2012 - 11th - 18th February

YAY It's my favourite time of year again! The time of year when all viking lovers, renactors, medieval market stalls, historical authors and warriors from the past come alive again and gather at the once great and proud city of the former Danelaw, Jorvik! (Aka York to you modern people!).

I got my tickets aaaages ago and have already rejuvenated all my nordic custom clothing for the events I will be appearing at. So if you are hanging around York in a week's time and see a petite brunette wearing a cloak or a raven on her back that will probably be me! I'm pretty sure no one else, even the renactors will be wearing what I will be.

Currently my list of events are:

Viking Holmgang battle duel in the morning, afternoon author event with V Campbell, who wrote Viking Gold which I am currently reading and loving and will definitely finish before I meet her.

Author event with James Aitcheson who wrote Sword Sword (you can find review in a previous post) in the afternoon and then I'm attending the Jorvik Viking Wedding at York Minister in the evening.

At an all day norse textile workshop run by the Fulford Society.

Medieval market day! I'll be doing lots of trading for 2012 momentos.

For my favourite photographs of the 4 Jorvik Festival's I've been to so far please follow this link to my Flickr page - Jorvik Festival photographs

However the week before all the fun kicks off I'll be doing my regular raiding into Wales to loot Glyndwr University of all its knowledge and wisdom on how to be a good librarian hehehe. I'm pretty sure if Vikings were around today they would mistake Universities for monastaries and raid them instead, that is until they discover that it might be more profitable to raid shopping centres etc.

But I'll be digging my teeth into plenty of fab historical viking and norse fantasy books whilst I'm away so although this blog will be relatively silent for the next two weeks be assured I will return with as much viking themed loot as Harald Hardrada did when he fled Constantinople.

Until I return from my vikingr travels - keep spreading the Viking love!

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  1. We wont be able to make it this year... preparing to move house and worrying about how to do the show with the new baby. :(

    We also found out we're not going to be boat burning on the river as the organisers had a three year deal with the racecourse... next year will be better.


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