Friday, 16 December 2011

Becky Bookworm Book Review - Hereward by James Wilde

HerewardHereward by James Wilde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is defintely one of several Hereward based historical novels I'd recommend. It has a movie style epic and gripping start and the characters are so rich in detail and depth and the plots so intricately woven together that even Shakespeare's plots seemed simple compared to the ones in this book.
It truly takes the reader into the reality of the anglo-saxon world complete with characters from simple peasant folk through monks and priests, warriors and hurscals, noble ladies and the cut-throat (literally) power-hungry men of court, including one Harold Godwinson portrayed in a light never before seen or considered but is based well within his historical context of an ailing King with no heir.
There is as no suprise a lot of death, battle, sword fights, murder and gore in this novel but it demonstrates that despite the mixed and developed culture of the anglo-saxons the sword and honour in the face of death was still a powerful rule in the hearts of men, like Hereward, in particularly so due his own crazed bloodlust frenzy that arises within him when he is forced to draw blood.
The story does cover a lot but it does it with great care and sadly it ends all to soon at the start of Hereward's famous rebellion against William the Conquerer. I can only hope a sequel is planned.

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  1. Hello Becky
    An enjoyable review from you

    Ive also read this version of Hereward's life. Sadly I was not as enamoured as you with it but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless. I did feel that Hereward's character was a little over-the-top however I did agree with the author's view on Hereward's parentage.



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