Monday, 1 August 2011

Every Good Viking has a Good Hoard of Loot - My Nordic Treasures

We all know Vikings liked a bit of what we may now deem as 'bling', although they didn't just like a nice bit of silver around their neck or fingers, they loved the shine of strong and sharp metal from a deadly sword, axe or spear, they admired the strength found in good shield design and of course the security found in a good of armour be it a well made peice of mail or a resilient outfit of padded leather.
I too, more due to being a girl, have my own collection of treasured items, all with their own nordic qualities and unique meaning and worth to me. So for this week I am sharing my hoard with you and their story in my life.

My Petite Hoard Chest - bought at Festival of History 2011 - not entirely sure the style of the engraving but I like to think it's Norse. Let's open it up and see what is inside.....
It isn't exactly full but it sure has plenty of trinkets, charms and secrets to show and tell. Let's begin....
Norse Talismans - From Left to Right: My first Pewter Thor's Hammer (Jorvik Viking Centre) bought at my first Jorvik Viking Festival 2008, Valkyrie in Pewter (Jorvik Centre 2009) taken from a viking stone picture carving in Sweden I think, bought as a personal treat for completing my degree, Moon Gazing Hare (Jorvik Viking Fest 2009, medieval market) which is a animal and symbol linked to Freya and Travellers in Ship pendant in Pewter (Jorvik Centre 2010).
Special Charms - On the left is the hand-made runic snake pendant made and given to me by Runemarks author Joanne Harris when I entered her Fan Fiction competition in Summer 2009. The rune on the blue cube above the snake is Tyr (imagine a small arrow pointing upwards), on her note she wrote "Perfect for a Valkyrie". On the right is a Valkyrie Feather pendant hand-made by good and wickedly crafty friend Julie.
Viking Broaches - On the left is a Raven bannered longship, can't actually remember where or when I got this, probably from the Jorvik Centre many years ago. In the middle is a green Baltic amber celtic swirl broach I treated my cloak to at a hand-made fair at Castle Howard (vikings loved amber as much as silver, it was thought to be the tear drops of Freya). And on the far right is a new broach bought from the Runesmith stall at Festival of History 2011 which explains this to be an "Clonmacnoise brooch, from a 10th century Irish design of the Crucifixion. A decoration from a Bible, the original was made into jewellery by a pagan viking raider."
Runic Pendants - Good Luck Shield (Jorvik Viking Centre) and another nice talisman from the Runesmith stall in 2009, Rune Circle although I'm not sure if it's the sun or a flower in the middle but it does display the spiritual runes I'm familiar with.
Runic Pendants - Runed Purple Valknut, is the symbol of Odin, the Knot of the Dead is is also know by but this one is extra special not just in it's colouring but the way it has runes engraved within it which links to the story of Odin hanging himself in order to gain the knowledge of the runes. The rather well worn pendant on the right is a Silver-coated Bindrune of Creation, this was a very special birthday treat from my great and fantastic relatives who got back from an Icelandic cruise. This is what the creators, a company called Alrun, had to say about this particular bindrune: "The Icelandic word Skapa translates as Creation. Skapa can refer to a view of the world that is large in scope, but it can also represent a personal creative vision. This symbol is for those who carry within them the impulse to create, and those who wish to recognize the creative forces active in the world."
Runic Pendants - Runic Celtic Cross, bought from Runesmith stall at Festival of History 2011, created by Nordic Lights/Eastgate Resource, here is how they explain the charm of this unique blend of design and runes: "An ancient Cross of Celtic origin encircled by Viking runes, the nine stars represent the nine nights Odin hung on the World Tree to learn their secrets. This symbol was worn for knowledge and magical ability."
Runic Pendants: Front design of a Bronze Traveller's Charm, made by St Justin group, taken from the Lillbjar's picture stone found in Stenkyrka, Gotland, Sweden, which dates back to 8th Century BC.
Runic Pendants: Back of Traveller's Charm - the runic inscription on the reverse translates as "Venture forth, safe from harm."
Runic Torque - specially commission from Runesmith, stainless steel sadly as silver was a bit too expensive when I treated myself to this during my first year at Uni. The rune inscription along its length translates into "Frigg Guide Me, Freya Guard Me."
And there we have it, a photographic show and tell of my prized norse hoard.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! You have a fabulous blog! I’m an author and illustrator and I made some awards to give to fellow bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I want to award you with the Creative Blog Award for all the hard work you do!

    Go to and pick up your award.

  2. I realize this was posted years ago but I was wondering if you could perhaps point me in the direction to the source of your purchase of the valknut and the bindrune. I know one was on a cruise but if they could remember the name of the dealer or anything like that i'd be willing to look them up online to order. both are fabulous and i'd love to get similar pieces. thank you.


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