Saturday, 6 August 2011

Birthday Books: Vikings in Paris, Cleopatra isn't dead and a pagan adventure in Dorset

It may come as a suprise or a shock to some that it is my birthday this Wednesday. I'm not going to say old I am, instead I will say how old I feel which is still just about 20 hehehe.

I'm not doing very much for my birthday this year, sadly I'm too old for bouncy castles and party games and I'm too sensible to get drunk but I can still do a good job at getting very silly when happy. What I am doing is going home to spend the day and the rest of the week with my family (who are sadly going through some very stressful and painful periods due to one serious health problem or another with certain close relatives). Then we're all off hopefully on our annual family holiday to Dorset from Saturday 13th. So as of Wednesday morning I will be locking the blog doors and galavanting around on Twitter to let you know all know what fun I'm causing down in the lands of the Saxons hehehe.
However I can reveal that I am already aware of not one but THREE birthday books I will be getting from my lovely partner of nearly 5 yrs (yes I know, I don't know why my viking madness hasn't scared him off either). If only because I picked them in the bookshop because he couldn't find anything he liked on the same offer hehehe. All the more books for me then. These will also be the three books I will be reading from my birthday until the end of my holiday and I'm so super excited about them that I'm certain I'll have at least 2 of 3 finished by the time I'm back in the good old Danelaw.

First off may I introduce you too the sequel to the fantastic Wolfsangel by M D Lachlan is.... 

Fenrir (Craw Trilogy, #2)

What more can a girl ask for her on her birthday than more Vikings, a big dollop of Norse Gods and all set in the romantic medieval town of Paris? Yes the master of historical fantasy is back with even more bloodshed, darkness, fate-torn characters and of course some strong northmen!

Second is a book which is remarkably similar in its story idea of gods, history and fantasy but this time set in the far distant, hot and dusty lands of Egypt, and with perhaps the most famous female egyptian of them all....Cleopatra! 

Queen of Kings

This is a new and possibly competitive tale (when set against Wolfsangel/Fenrir) written by another author mixing history and fantasy into one compelling story - Maria Dahvana Headley. It is rather odd of me to find this book A) on the same day I decide to buy or have bought Fenrir by MD Lachlan and B) After I have just had a go at writing a short story set in Ancient Egypt where the Egyptian Gods do make their presence felt amongst the select few.

Last is a story set a little bit closer to home, and ironically where I have my family holiday each year except this author is bringing back the magic and mystery of paganism in a little reclusive village called Stonewylde....

How can an admirer of anything remotely pagan and based in England, with the constant possibility of norse influences, not be grabbed by such a cover. Not only are there standing stones, a broody male on the front and mysterious title with enticing blurb on the book but any Norse fan will proudly take it just for the Raven on the front! Can't wait to dive into the magical and almost local world Kit Berry has created.

There you have it, three hopefully wonderful, exciting, page-turning books I can't wait to read for my birthday treat and holiday pleasure! Roll on Wednesday I say!

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  1. Hails Becky,
    Thanks for pointing out these great books. They look fantastic. I will especially look out for the title "Fenrir" as that looks good!
    Best wishes x


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