Thursday, 21 July 2011

Festival of History 2011 and Favourite Authors: Giles Kristian and Robert Low

Well I have returned from my second annual pilgrimage to the awesomeness that is the Festival of History down near Northampton. Weather wasn't perfet but I still had a wicked time and met 2 of my favourite viking authors, Giles Kristian (after this third meeting I think I'm nearing the title of author stalker hehehe) and Robert Low. Below you will find some of my favourite pictures from the weekend.
Giles Kristian (left) and Robert Low (right) opening their discussion event titled The Vikings are Coming!
Robert Low
Giles Kristian reading from his latest viking book Odin's Wolves
Giles Kristian against Organisers backdrop screen - this is the first inaugural meeting of the HWA which was set up after last years Festival of History
Me meeting Giles Kristian for the third time hehehe and getting him to sign my copy of Odin's Wolves. He wrote "You have come again!" Which is not only true but is also the very first line of the prologue in that actual book. Very clever and flattering.
Me getting my cope of Whale Road signed by Robert Low who sadly wasn't as talkative as Giles was but I still admire him.
A snapshot just before this clash of Knights in the Medieval Joust we watched.
A Roman Legion showing off their defensive and offensive battle formations, displaying why they dominated a lot of the world for quite a while.

They're the highlights of the weekend anyway and to my utter shock and horror I could find no Vikings at this years event. The camp of people that re-enacted them last year have for some reason transformed into Muslim warriors from the Crusades era sadly.

Anyway it end with a picure of Romans for a deliberate reason as it is the 3rd annual Roman Festival of my humble home town of Malton/Norton this weekend and hopefully I'll get to attend if my Mum can bare to tag along with me, so I should have some more cool and interesting snaps of Roman history to show off next week.
Go to the We Love Malton website for more details on the events, directions and timings. Hope to perhaps catch you there.

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