Friday, 8 April 2011

Odin's Magic Number 3 - 3 days until a week full of Viking Madness begins! Come share and spread some Viking love!

           Odin's Magic Number is 3

The Number 3 is used quite regularly in Norse Mythology which is quite ironic as there is only

3 DAYS TO GO until Soul Chaser is released into the world as part of the Dreamers of Dreams Webfiction Anthology E-Book
 on Monday 11th April!

Anyway, back in my homage to Norse Mythology you will see above the image of Odin's holy symbol, the Valknut, or Death Knot, made of THREE TRIANGLES eternally locked together. You will also see an image of the THREE Norns who live at one of the THREE ROOTS of Yggdrasil the World Tree. There are also 3 Ages of Ragnarok, Age of the Everlasting Winter, Age of the Wolf and Age of the Sword/Axe.
I even use the number 3 in Soul Chaser. Jenny must stamp her spear on the ground 3 times before summoning a soul and at the golden gates of Asgard upon the rainbow bridge Bitfrost before being allowed to enter.
Another interesting occurance of the number 3 recently is Giles Kristian's 3rd book in the Raven Trilogy 'Odin's wolves' is being released next week on Thors-day 14th April.
The number 3 also appears in the number of questions that will be asked as part of Giles's Bookshop and Blog Tour (visiting the Valkyrian Sanctum on Tuesday 19th April) special interview with me where will discuss all things viking from research to vikings in writing. As I wrote up 9 questions (which is 3 times 3) and then I got two fellow fans from work to ask him 3 questions each as well! Click on the Tour poster for a better view of the details.

So really you all have 3 things to do next week:
1 - Join me on Monday 11th to Celebrate Soul Chaser featuring Chapter 1 in the Dreamers of Dreams Anthology of Webfiction (download details will be provided on the day it's FREE!)

2 - Follow the newest kid on the block in the genre of Viking Fiction, Giles Kristian ( as he visits Bookshops, Blogs and Websites revealing the long awaited Raven book trailer film, exclusive excerpts from Odin's Wolves and special interviews (including with ME!) Oh and I GREATLY recommend you buy the entire Raven trilogy.
In fact to help you along please find the links below to my beserk and raving mad reviews of his first 2 books

3 - Return to the Valkyrian Sanctum on Tuesday 19th April to join me for an interview on vikings, research, writing, reading and heritage with Giles Kristian himself.

The surge in the presence of Number 3 I can only take as a good omen that Odin and the rest of the Norse Pantheon are pleased with the great list of Viking events and festivities that are due to take place of the next coming week. So don't grudge the Gods! Come share, enjoy and spread the Viking Love!

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