Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Thors-Day! Celebrate the release of Odin's Wolves by Giles Kristian + Soul Chaser in Dreamers of Dreams Anthology!

Thursday 14th 2011 is a very special day for 2 (not just 1) very important reasons:
"The Old Ways Never Die" DEBUT IN

Me and Giles Kristian at The Festival of History 2011 (proudly wearing my Soul Chaser t-shirt)

Raven: Odin's Wolves (Raven #3)
Odin's Wolves Book Cover

So in order to celebrate these two special events occuring on Thor's-Day I am repeating my reviews of Giles Kristian's earlier Raven viking historical novels in this trilogy (Odin's Wolves being the third) to give you viking fans a flavour of his superb talent.

RavenRaven by Giles Kristian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Giles leads readers into the grim yet fascinating world of middle age england through the character of Osric, a young man with no memory of his past apart from a blood ruined eye. His world is disturbed by the appearence of a group of norse traders unsettling him and his common folk. Yet the peace is further disturbed when the local priest tried to posion the Jarl Sigurd and Osric forewarns the Jarl of this trick. A fight ensues and men are killed yet Osric is spared only by the quickeness of his tongue in saving the Jarl's life. He is taken away from the land he knows of has home with the warband and so begins another new way of life for him, of praying to the old gods to calm the seas as he is brought up upon the longships, to hunger after treasure of silver and jewels but most of all the importance of the bond men as warriors forge and the fatal penalty due when any man breaks such an bond as the fellowship of norsemen.

A definite must buy and read ASAP for any fans of Robert Low and Bernard Cornwell. Giles Kristian is a new kid on the block in this genre and he is definitly as talented for telling a good saga of sword brothers as Low and Cornwell who've been masters for years.
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book really does triumph as a sequel to Raven: Bloodeye. There's more drama, tension, suprises, battle and death as well a nice dollop of cunning in the new series of adventures experiecnes by Raven and his fellowship of Sigurd the Lucky. There's a even a bit of love thrown in for Raven but it has turned tainted and sour by the end of the book. And one character meets his ill-fated death by the hand of no norseman which is one of the many satisfying twists and turns Gile's weaves into his fine thrilling saga. All lovers of viking historical fiction should read this and take note of the amazing new young blooded talent that brings the lives of vikings once more into the fore of our imaginations.

If you liked the sound of this you simply MUST come back to the Sanctum on Tuesday 19th April (next week!) when I reveal my Odin's Wolves special interview with Giles Kristian himself as part of his bookshop and blog tour to celebrate the completion of the trilogy. Just check out the poster for where else you can catch him and his viking band. Click on the poster to open it up as PDF.

 NOW to my small SOUL CHASER DEBUT! 

 The free eBook Dreamers of Dreams Anthology of Webfiction has and has not been released.
Unforutenately releasing of the collection was put back from Monday 11th the hoped for official release date to roughly today due to various eBook sites wanting the anthology in a different format each time which meant our poor editor Alex Hollins has been busy rushing through so many changes. But today he managed to release it via the Scribd site (albeit without its official cover image design due to the designer having a lot of bad luck in life recently) BUT there is a small light at the end of this long tunnel of a week we've been waiting. You can now view the Anthology on Scribd at this link and download it as PDF all for FREE! We know it's a bit bland without any images etc but hey just let the words of our stories carry you away and your imagination will make it come to life :)

Just be warned that depending on what Browser you use, Firefox, Explorer, Chrome etc it may or may not display correctly but just download it as PDF and it should work fine :) *Hint I'm on page 37!*

It will be further released on Smashwords,  IBooks, and Nook store for free download with the offical cover image when that's sorted too.
You could hold on until after easter, at the end of the month, when we're releasing our special 'Author Support' edition of the Anthology just costs $0.99 where you get the same stories but EXCLUSIVE CONTENT INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO you might get an extra story behind the main feature, character profiles, author profiles, art work from the stories, sneak peaks at future chapters and all sorts! 
For my EXCLUSIVE SOUL CHASER CONTENT I will be revealing with photographs the actual REAL PLACES IN YORK that feature in scenes in not just CHAPTER ONE but following chapters! 

And that's all my good news for this Thor's-Day. Hope to see you all back here for more special Viking treats on Tuesday 19th April for my interview with viking author Giles Kristian as we disuss vikings, research, history and heritage, inspiration, his writing, more viking books and he tackles a few more questions from my friends who are also big fans.

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