Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Viking's view on being a Christian - Rags and Riches

This is a genuine example of Viking’s cleverness: Taken from Robert Fergusson’s The Hammer and The Cross in the Chapter ‘The Vikings and the Carolingian Empire’:-

“On one occasion when there were not enough linen garments to go round, Louis (the Pious) ordered some old shirts to be cut up and stitched together. Confronted with this, one old Dane regarding it suspiciously for some time before complaining to the emperor that he had gone through the procedure (baptism) some twenty times now and always before been given a splendid white suit for his troubles. This was just an old sack. It made him feel like a pig-farmer, not a soldier. Having taken away his own clothes they’d left him with the choice of wearing this or else going about naked. As far as he was concerned, they could keep their Christ, and their old rags too.”

This is a great book and not only is it full of interesting facts, views, narratives, records and discoveries you also come across the odd gem of humour like the one above. I haven't even reached a third of the way through it yet and I already recommend it to anyone interesting viking history, culture, religion and way of life.

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