Thursday, 24 March 2011

Valkyrie Creations - Norse Mythology and Textile Art

Here you can see photographs of my many creative works to display and promote my love and interest in viking culture and norse mythology.
The front of my personal Viking Cloak with gold ribbon trim and gold runes down the front hem. With odin's two ravens Hugnin and Munin at either side on my flanks.

The Yggdrasil Emblem - my own design - featuring on the back of my cloak. With Muspelhiem in the north, Yggdrasil in the middle and Nilfhiem in the south.

Muspellhiem detail - the land of fire and light. It's name written in golden runes and two spiritual runes Ken meaning fire and Sigel meaning sun paired around a flame. Bordered in golden sequins each one hand sewn.

Ygddrasil detail - The World Tree borderd in bronze sequins, it's name written in pearl gold with the spiritual runes Eolh and Yr who are allied closely with this holy tree. My own maiden initials are written between its three roots in pearl white runes.

Niflhiem - land of ice and darkness. Bordered in silver sequins, its name in silver runes with the spiritual runes Hagal meaning Hail and Is meaning Ice partnered with a snowflake.

My personal Runic wristicuff. Made with a warrior upon horseback button in the centre as it closely resembles Odin riding his eight legged horse and wielding his great spear. Around it are four moonstone gems. And amongst the stars on either side are my four maiden runic initials.

Jorvik Runic Banner - all hand sewn. It says 'May Vikings Rule Forever in Jorvik' otherwise known as York.
The golden spinning wheel and sun in the clouds is for Frigg who weaves the clouds. She also carries a golden key as a sign of good housekeeping. The roundshield with a raven and two spears are for Odin. The rainbow over a doorway is to represent Bitfrost the rainbow bridge connecting the realm of Midgard (earth) to Asgard, land of the Aesir Gods.

My personal Yggdrasil satchel. With Yggdrasil the world tree representing in the universe. A piece of sacred amber at its centre and two cats and two hares either side upon its roots to symbolise Freya as these were her favourite animals. Round shield like buttons fasten the satchel front flap down. Spiritual runes border the sides of the design.

The image of a Viking Longship prow beast head stands guard at the sides of my satchel.

My pastel representaion of a Valkyrie warrior guarding the golden gates to Asgard upon Bitfrost the rainbow bridge.

My one time only excluse book written, printed, bound and made by myself. Titled 'The Norse Collection' in golden runes on the front cover with my initials beneath. Contains my favourite norse inspired short stories and poems.

Soul Chaser Story Art - a representation of the costume, items and procedure which my main character will go through in Chapter 5 to earn her Valkyrie wings.

My own interpretation of a Viking Raven flag symbol which I discovered via Wiki. Soon to be designed into the back of a shirt and upon a friends bag in preperation for the Jorvik Viking Festival 2010.

  My Soul Chaser inspired t-shirt, design by me and handmade by me.
Her wings are made using my own words from the opening of Soul Chaser thanks to the wonder of Image Maker. The rest is all fabric and hand embroidery.

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