Monday, 14 March 2011

Feeding the 5000, Reading and rolling in Viking History AND a very exciting development with Soul Chaser

Well since last week I have been exceptionally BUSY not just at work where it is ALWAYS busy but also busy worring about my Aunt who has suffered from severe MS and has ended up back in hospital since last monday for very upsetting reasons that I won't go into. The doctors have tended to her but it will be another week before we know if her current dilemman will be fixed or will affect her life in a very detrimental manner.

I was also busy this past weekend baking 60 buns - yes, that's right 60 buns! - for our annual student lunch at work. Thankfully I was at home this past weekend to support Mum and Aunt so I had her expertise and her oven which was even more appreciated as the oven at my humble flat just happened to break down the very day my Aunt went into hospital and won't be fixed until later this week.

I have also been busy reading and loving Robert Fergusson's book 'The Hammer and The Cross' I've learnt so much more detail about the Viking age era and not just their impact on Anglo-Saxon England but also on the reign of Charlemagne and early France, how they often raided amongst themselves as Denmark, Norway and Sweden were still clan dominated areas and of course how the Slav/Rus traders brought goods and people down the steep rivers and lakes and plains to Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) and how the Varangian Guard was established. I've only just reached the half way point so a dazzling review will be a while off yet.

This week will be even more busy as the Huddersfield Literature Festival kicks off and I'll be attending the Opening Event where I will find out which lucky sods stole my winning place in the Grist Anthology of New Writing, then on the weekend I'm attending a fantastic storytelling event bringing old tales and modern morals together in the form of Isis and Hagate. AND attending a Melvin Burgess event where I hope he will have a few copies of his norse inspired contemporary novel Bloodsong on sale for me to get. I might even be brave and ask a norse question or two myself :p

THEN on top of all that's happening I have recieved some exciting news about a fantastic development which may see a small piece of me and Soul Chaser fly off into the big wide world of readers and books. Details are still currently being sorted out and so I am busy editing the chosen piece of SC to perfection (as far as my amateurish understanding of grammar and punctuation goes but thankfully I have a good helping hand from the organisers) but I hope to reveal all this time next week.

In the mean time I do hope to get my fingers stuck into SC again soon, probably after this week when my life is a little bit calmer and less demanding as I'm eager to get chap 8-10 done as I already have it planned out.

So until then - May the Valkyries Watch Over You!

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  1. I'm intrigued - looking forward to hearing your news!


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