Thursday, 31 March 2011

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Soul Chaser gets her DIGITAL WINGS! + Interview with Author Giles Kristian

I am super proud and excited and very happy to announce that through the wonder of twitter, likeminded writers and a guy with a dream Soul Chaser has finally achieved a first minor (yet quite major as well) milestone into the world of books and readers.
Not through the conventional dealings with agents and major publising houses but using the modern invention of E-readers and eBooks, a very generous man called Alexander Hollins has initated a collaboratvie project with many other talented writers, who display their work for all to read on their blogs and websites, to create a masterpiece of free fiction - a first I believe - eBook Anthology of Web Fiction.

April 11, 2011 marks the release of the first volume of Dreamers of Dreams: A Webfiction Anthology. This Ebook release, released simultaneously on several popular Ebook and webfiction stores, is a free book containing excerpts and opening chapters of several web fiction novels currently available for free online. The offerings of the Anthology include both completed works, and novels currently being serialized. A wide variety of genres is represented, from superhero to zombie apocalypse, urban fantasy to science fiction, folk tale to murder mystery, space opera to high fantasy. The purpose of this first installment of what promises to be a regularly released anthology series is to introduce the Ebook reader to free fiction available online that they may not be aware of, and highlight promising new writers who are taking the risks of self publishing online.

Volume one of Dreamers of Dreams will include the following authors and stories:

Ted Campbell - Flyover City!

Eva Shandor - Cold Ghost

Cassandra Stryffe - Zombie Diapers

Bex Aaron - Independence Day

J.J. Adams - The Undeadslayer

Alexander Hollins - Phoenix 2125

Rebecca Wilson - Soul Chaser

Christopher Wright - Pay Me, Bug!

Kyt Dotson - Black Hat Magick

G.L. Drummond - Midnight Intentions

Miladysa - Refuge of Delayed Souls

Meilin Miranda - Scryer's Gulch

M.E. Traylor - Guts and Sass

The anthology is created and distributed by DreamFantastic Publishing, and more information on the anthology, as well as links to the individual authors represented within, can be found at . A .99 cent version of the anthology, the Author’s Support Edition, will be sold starting the end of April, and will contain additional bonus content from many of the represented authors. Any questions or concerns, as well as requests to be included in future anthology’s, should be directed to


I'm also SUPER EXCITED and deeply honoured to announce that on
I will release on my humble viking obsessed blog an 
His third book in his fantastic Raven Trilogy
Odin's Wolves is released 14th April
Raven: Odin's Wolves (Raven #3)

I'll be hosting a blog interviewing him on all things viking, what inspired him to write his trilogy, how much research he did, book recommendations, his writing style - all the good stuff basically.

So that's 3 VERY IMPORTANT DATES for you to remember

Monday 11th April - Dreams of Dreams eBook Anthology Release day - featuring me and Soul Chaser
Thursday 14th April - Odin's Wolves by Giles Kristian release day
Tuesday 19th April - Special Interview with Giles Kristian on all things viking!

If you're a fan of anything viking whether its historical or of norse mythology YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS my feature in Dreamers of Dreams Anthology (which is free) or my special interview with the latest  Viking author to join the talents of Bernard Cornwell and Robert Low!


  1. Ooh! This is exciting news! I'll be looking forward to both events!

  2. Congrats - though i am now green with envy...

  3. Woohoo! That's brilliant news. I hope they still want me to do that ebook cover for that site too.

  4. Congratulations, Bex! Wish I was in the UK and could go to the live events! Wishing you a grand time of it! :D

  5. Huzzah! You should indeed be proud and excited! Cheers to your road of adventure and success =D


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