Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Spreading the viking love - book reviews, genre guides and more!

It is truly awesome how the internet can you get in contact with all kinds of like minded people. Not just by blogging but also on Twitter I have met so many nice, friendly and supportive writing friends (and poets) as well as of course fans of norse mythology and vikingy stuff.
This has lead me to spread out my valkyrie wings and get pieces of me all over the internet from blog feature interviews on writing and my love of vikings to reviews on all my favourite viking and norse fantasy books and sharing my rough guides to each of those genres.

I have recently this weekend went through most of my unreviewed favourite vikingy books, reviewed them of course, and set them off to my good friend Will's Fantasy Guide Site http://fantasyguide.stormthecastle.com/ to increase and improve his new Viking Historical Fiction guide and introduce a new one on Norse Fantasy. Each guide has some recommended books of the genre to begin with to wet your viking appetite. He has also created two Series review sections for some more of my favourite historical viking books The Viking Trilogy by Tim Severin and The Oathsworn series by Robert Low. So why not delve into these great genres and add one of the books suggested to your must-read list? Here are the links:

Wowza when I look at my top links section down the left side now it's huge! I may have to start saving all these links some where for easy access and promotion and may have to even move it all to my Creative Connections Link section but then hardly anyone visits that page so it's easier to leave them on the front of my blog too.

Oh and in some more good viking news I just recieved an email from Scottish Author William Meikle who has written a viking fantasy e-book called Beserker and has offered me free pdf copy! Talk about connections ay? I don't even know how he came across me yet hehehe shows how my viking love is spreading! So that's one more book I will add to my must-read-soon list as I'm currently still ploughing delightfully through a woppa of a viking novel called The Raven and The Wolf by Christopher Spellman, so as soon as I've finished and reviews Chris's I'll get my teeth stuck into Beserker.

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  1. Hi Becky,
    After reading though this post and the links I've sent you another recommendation on Goodreads, just thought I'd let you know!


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