Friday, 3 December 2010

The person you are calling can not answer the phone at the moment BECAUSE SHE IS BUSY WRITING A MODERN NORDIC TALE!

Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here - not because I have nothing to blog about I DO I just can't put it up yet....

You see for once in a long, long time since my writing engine stalled at the end of draft chapter seven  in Soul Chaser I've been trying to kick start it again by attempting to write a bedazzling norse short story for my favourite competition and I have until the christmas holidays to do it. I did manage to write one short story but it over all didn't satisfy me so I've been busy this past week (especially since I had 3 days of due to snow YAY) rewriting it and getting to know my characters more and their wants, needs and desires etc. Resulting in another version with a bit more of a climactic ending and I do believe one that satisfys the characters too.

I have also been busy fueling my writing engine by continuing (my also stalled reading list) with Blood of the Vikings by Julian Richards (non-fiction) and Wolf Cry by Julia Golding (viking historical fiction). Both of which I am enjoying and would enjoy more if work would only continue to be closed due to snow but that would be going a step too far I feel as eventually Britain would sink due to the wieght of this white stuff.

Another thing has begun to influence my life again and that is my evening hours on World of Warcraft and no I'm not addicted and I don't have many high level characters (one's only just hit the dizzy heights of 75! after 5 years playing the game) but I do enjoy the fun I have with my friends, one in particular is very dear to my heart despite being all the way in Denmark and it is him whom I have to thank for this blog for I have kind of nicked our old guild name which founded (when we were both horde - we've since turned alliance) and used it for my humble space on the vast expanse which is the internet. The added bonus of this dear friend is he is truly Danish, from the good old viking motherland and he is a genuine pagan viking. So he is of course a star in my viking loving crown because I can ask him anything on norse mythology and viking pagan ways and he will kindly take the time to explain it all to me.

So to the 57 (wow that was a nice suprise) of my followers whom I do hope read any of my viking and book-a-holic rants when possible I owe you an apology from disappearing from your blogger vision for so long. And although I may not be able to give you the whole story I've written so far (I must point out that the first part is in the post previous to this because I was that excited by it all) I can at least treat you with another sampling of my nordic flavoured contemporary tale. 

Any feedback is more than welcome - it is part of a fourth draft - hence why I'm sharing my draft WIP Soul Chaser with the world. Enjoy and I promise I will be back to my regular blogging soon.

Kelly fiddles with her shoe strap as she and the other colourful, thin clad women wait back stage. The corridor is full of sequins, feathers and the smell of cheap perfume mixed with the bitter tang of hairspray. She doesn’t look at the painted faces, all mirages of youthful looks, all painful reminders of how far she has fallen.
The glitter in her nail varnish catches her eye and she lets her gaze drift out of focus, allowing the sparkle to grow and overwhelm everything else. Beautiful pretty things always enchanted her, it was one of her strongest flaws and her father knew it very well. He used to nickname her his little magpie for the way she coveted such objects in nature and man-made, for the way she would horde them like the dragons of legend and how at any special occasion would wear as many of the precious and rare jewellery she kept in her secret stash.
    “Gentlemen, thank you for attending our show. I promise you won’t be disappointed.” Luke’s confident voice echoes through the plywood screens.
    The women begin moving into their positions, large feather fans of blue, purple and white shift together and each woman’s face begins to smile.
    “These beauties are gathered here tonight, not just for your entertainment, but to bring to life, you’re every need and desire and make tonight, a night that Jack will remember through the many years of his marriage to come.”
    A rabble of noise, cheering and laughter erupts beyond the screen.
    “Men, I proudly present to you the finest selection of breasts, legs and arse you will find anywhere in this town. And they are all a hundred per cent yours, for this evening of pleasure. I give you, the Lotus Ladies!”
    Luke emerges through the gathering stage smoke and music from Chicago begins to play. He is smirking with pleasure and his eyes sparkle with mischief.
    “I’ve worked my magic, now let’s see yours.” He whispers as he gives Kelly what appears to be a supportive hug. She gives a weak smile and a faint chuckle, tensing at his touch. “Have fun with them ladies.” He slaps one woman’s backside on his way out. She releases a delighted shriek and blows him a kiss. He returns with a wink as he exits through the side stage door and goes back to the bar and his games.
    With his presence now gone Kelly lets out a long, steady sigh, checks her hair and make-up one final time whilst the other women are on stage starting the performance. She counts to ten and walks out onto the stage behind the already in place shield of feathered fans. The stage lights twirl around the room in a whirlwind of flickering shade before they stop and glare down upon the star of tonight’s show. The intense attention stuns her for only a second before she too focuses on what is required of her.
She dances, poses, blows kisses, flutters her eyes, caresses her legs and chest and lingers along the stage front. She encourages, teases, flirts and ultimately dismisses each man who attempts to gain some physical contact. With each brief meeting, with each member of her male audience, Kelly glimpses their thoughts, their mood, their dreams and desires, adapting her behaviour flawlessly to please them.
    She takes samples of urges and needs and applies them to her form, fulfilling their dreams in pieces as she begins to twirl and stretch between their separated seats. She whips her long, jet black hair across their faces as she dances continuously out of reach at the last second. She feels their hunger for her crawl up her legs, creep around her waist and tickle around her breasts. She lets herself fall into the magic of these moments, allowing it to weave itself into her skin, her hair, her voice when she laughs and her gaze when she looks each man in the eye. She feels her way around the men, inspecting their minds for one that is open enough to divinity. While she circles Jack, she runs her hands through his short ginger hair feeling sparks of longing shoot up her arms. It is during this touch that a voice in her head whispers a word.

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