Wednesday, 6 October 2010

THOR - the Movie - Kenneth Branagh Interviews

Now if you are a viking fanatic like me then SURELY by now you are aware of the developing existence of a Thor - the Movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh, due to be released next year. There has already been some contraversy surrounding it as he has cast a black male actor to play Heimdall and many hard core fans don't know how a dominantly white pagan faith can feature any coloured cultural differences but I say hey just look at the mythology behind Hiemdall. It is said he was sired by Odin from 9 DIFFERENT GIANT MOTHERS! If you are made from 9 different wombs I don't see why the hell not you can't be black as well! But I digress.

I am pleased to say that there are some very interesting and revealing interviews with Kenneth as Director and Tom Hiddleston who will be playing Loki - sadly his costume consists of a giant twisted horned helmet (not undevil like in the least is it? Disappointing really). The interviews took place at this years Movie-Con where the lucky people in attendance did get to see some sneak preview 3D footage. The interviews are very interesting and definitely worth watching and listening too if like me you are eager for April 27th to come sooner.

Just follow this link:  and you'll find the three interview videos in relation material at the bottom of the article. The first one shown is part 1, part 2 is found by clicking the arrow and part 3 is found back next to part 1. All make very good listening.


  1. Things are looking very encouraging for the Thor 2011 movie.

    The new images released and the earlier SDCC trailer all look good.

    As an Aussie science fiction writer I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since the original Journey into Mystery of August 1962.

    If you get a chance check out some of my Marvel (mainly Odin and Thor) fan fiction. Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories here:

  2. Yea, I am looking forward to the movie in a big way. It should be great, especially with the great cast (Portman, Hopkins, etc.).

  3. The movie is going to be a blast, great cast, great concept. can't wait


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