Monday, 18 October 2010

Me and my valkyries will be making a literary appearance in order to celebrate the Huddersfield Authors Circle's 75 years!

Huddersfield Author's Circle - October 28

Budding authors and those who enjoy poetry and prose are invited to join in the celebrations of one of the oldest running writer’s circles in the UK, the Huddersfield Author’s Circle, on Thursday October 28 from 5-7pm.
The Huddersfield Author’s Circle will be celebrating with an evening of poetry and prose at Huddersfield Library, as well as launching a competition which will be open ‘world wide.’
***Featuring a performance by me, Rebecca Wilson, reading a specially selected short story or extract from my many Valkyrie tales of adventure in the norse afterlife. I will be proudly displaying my handmade Valkyrie Soul Chaser T-shirt so if you do come along, spot the t-shirt and you've found me! ***

Guests will have the chance to ask about the group and learn how to join. Copies of poetry books and novels written by members of the group will be available to buy during the evening.

Refreshments will also be provided.

Huddersfield Library, Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield. FREE, no need to book!

This is going to be a fantastic evening full of poetry and great tales from current members of the Circle hoping to entire fresh blood and raw talent into our collective group. And even if you're not keen on writing groups why not come along, share some company with friendly writers and learn about our great Creative Writing competition we've organised to celebrate the Circle's existence for three quarters of a century!

So please do spread the word about this great event - all writers of any ability or age are welcome. Hope to see you there!

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