Tuesday, 21 September 2010

You are summoned to my Viking Valhalla Feast to celebrate Soul Chaser! *a very unique Blog BBQ/Fest

*Soul Chaser is now 30,000 words old! YAY! And there is still so much more of this norse fantasy to tell!*
Welcome dear friends and those who have just been awoken to this humble place where the ways of the old world and the old Gods still live and will never die. To this, my Valkyrian Sanctum.

Here is where I proudly proclaim my love for all things Vikingy be it their history, people, culture, explorations but most importantly to me was their mythology and the great sagas of their heroes and gods.
This fascination led me to writing my norse fantasy WIP novel Soul Chaser, which doesn't focus on any of the main Gods such as Odin, Thor or even Loki but on the little known characters in the great realm of Asgard, the Valkyries - the Viking version of Angels. It is these fair shield-maidens who select the worthies warriors from the battle fields but also serve the Gods at their great feasts in Valhall, Odin's great hall. Let them by your servants as I host this virtual feast in honour of Soul Chaser becoming 30,000 words old!

 You may partake of as much food as you like and as we are feasting in Valhalla itself for this special period of time Thor has even lent me his goat which we can kill and roast as many times as we like so we will never be short of some good meat. And of course we have an unlimited supply of the genuine drink of the Vikings - MEAD!
The only condition you must fulfill to feast in Valhalla with these great Gods and Heroes of old without having your soul remain here for eternity is to leave a comment complimenting food and drink and inform all in attendance where you are from *aka leave personal blog details* and kindly listen to others tales of adventure in reaching this holy heights *aka visit other peoples blogs in return* and spread the word of these festivities far and wide so many can rediscover the joy and pleasure gained by reliving the old ways! Or if you prefer listening to the voices of Skalds please do sample from the seven chapters of Soul Chaser available for all to hear at the top of the page. *please note it is still in it's first draft so I humbly apologise for all visible mistakes.
So have some roast goat, grab a hornful of mead and shout to rock the roofs of Valhall
"May Vikings Rule Forever in Great Jorvik!"


  1. Yay another Blog BBQ, this one with a Viking twist! I'll come back tomorrow with my freshly cooked reindeer and visit with the other Vikings.

  2. Fabulous...I think I'll replenish the mead so thirsty wanderers will not go without.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  3. Does this wonderful feast take part tomorrow today? or just random passing through?
    I'm a fairy wander my blog is http://summersvoice.blogspot.com/

  4. A glass of mead and a haunch of roast elk, please. Thanks for the invitation, but I'm afraid this is the best beard I could manage in the time.

  5. Hooray! Mead! I'd like to try some of that goat, but I'm a little nervous. If I crack the bones by accident, Thor'll tell me a new one. I'll sit next to the Valkyries. They look like party-girls (and I can swap chainmail cardigans with them, I'm sure).

    Thoki and Lor (my Nordic Comedy Duo) are the ones in the corner. Thoki is looking bored and drinking too much, while Lor is having his 76th Pepperkakor.

    Follow their adventures at "The Fail-tacular Odyssey of Thoki & Lor" http://thokiandlor.blogspot.com/

  6. Ooooh another BBQ - after Karen's legendary one ;p

    Okay I'm gonna bring chicken, rosemary & mushroom satay sticks *drool* and can I get a hug from Freya? Always loved her :) And wooooh is that mead something!

    Visit me at http://damselinadirtydress.blogspot.com

  7. Fantastic, thanks for the invitation. I love the sound of your novel - it calls to the Viking in me (I'm from the Isle of Man so there must be some surely).

    I'm a vegetarian though so I'll just stick to the mead ...



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