Saturday, 11 September 2010

Valkyrian Sanctum is honoured with the mark of the Versatile Blogger Award

Well it was a nice surprise for me to find amongst my recent comments that my latest blog follower and fellow writer Jeffery Beesler has awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award - which I am quite proud with as it's the first blogger award I've received and I do think my blog posts are quite versatile as it either covers my writing, book reviews or some kind of viking news.
Now apparently the rules are I must reveal 7 things about myself and then pass it onto 15 others I feel deserve it so first off I will reveal 7 facts about myself but I might not spread the blog award love until tomorrow as I am currently celebrating 2 birthdays with in-laws and as I follow 86 blogs I will need time to select the chosen few.

1) I was born in the summer of 87 at York District Hospital
2) I have lived with a ranging number of family pets during my life consisting of 5 guinea-pigs, 3 rabbits, 4 goldfish, 2 hamsters and 3 dogs.
3) When I was at school I wanted to become a Vet, then an Actor and only discovered the many joys and trials of being a Librarian recently.
4) I began writing at the age of 16 just before my mock exams.
5) When I had finished my first book at the age of 17 I foolishly submitted it unedited to 20 publishers and only got 5 responses - all rejections but one did give me a really encouraging letter and it's now up on my wall to keep me going.
6) What caught my interest about Vikings was the 1990's documentary Blood of the Vikings and the way they tested peoples blood to identify their DNA to see how many were descended from Viking invaders.
7) I have read several books to do with Norse gods and Norse Legends and two Icelandic Saga's that of Grettir the Strong and Egil's Saga but I have only recently started reading the many non-fiction books on viking culture and history I have filling my bookcase.

Check back tomorrow to see if your blog (if one of the giant long list down the left side) is going to be one of the chosen few I pass this award on too.


  1. Congratulations - nice award :-)

    And I agree - it is fascinating about that DNA testing for Viking blood.

  2. Grats on your award :)

    I love #5 awesome you got an encouraging response :)


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