Friday, 3 September 2010

Important dates for all Viking lovers in the UK - Counting down till Jorvik Viking Festival 2011!

Now if you're new to this site or not you can probably tell that there is a deep medieval theme going on in this blog and you would be right but the extact theme is viking orientated. You see I LOVE VIKINGS! AND ANYTHING REMOTELY LINKED TO THEM! Be it culture, history, language, books fiction and non-fiction but most importantly their Norse Mythology as that is what's inspired my latest novel in progress Soul Chaser *chapters 1 to 6 are up listed at the top if you would like to have a scan through* But the highlight of any genuine Viking fan in the UK at least is the Jorvik Viking Festival held at Jorvik (aka York in North Yorkshire to those who are unfamiliar with the danish name) each spring half term.
Now I've been attending these festival for the past 5 years in a row and each one has inspired me to be that bit more daring my wearing my medieval mythic costume: here I am 
The dress I cunningly got from a fancy dress shop but the cloak is all hand made with the help of a good friend of mine who put the base together then I embellished its side and back with many mythical symbols of Norse mythology and plenty of dazzling runes. Please visit my Valkyrie Creations section for closer detail pictures of it - listed at the top.
Now I can proudly proclaim that next years Jorvik Festival dates have been released with a teasing detail about the first opening event. Please follow this link to book that week off in your calendar and come celebrate our rich Viking heritage in part of the Old Danelaw itself (aka North Yorkshire).
Do hope you can make it because I most certainly will be there!


  1. Hej. I saw you at Karen's BBQ and followed you here. I hope you don't mind, but I'm inclined toward the Old Ways myself.

    Farvel (just doing my best to be a Viking:-)

  2. Your comment on KarenG's BBQ post was so intriguing I came over. My first husband had a PhD in medieval literature. I took one class from him and loved it. I wish I had time left in my life to delve into it, but I'll have to make do with following your blog!

    I'm glad I met you. I'm now a follower. Please come over and meet me and my disabled daughter when you can.

  3. I thought I already followed your blog but that is now remedied. Love the dress! As a descendant of the great Norsemen, I look forward to more Viking posts!

  4. That cloak is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so impressed that you made it yourself. How fun - I wish I was there so that I could attend the Viking Festival. But I would look rather drab as I'm not good at making clothes.

    Just dropped by from KarenG's and glad that I did. I'm a new follower. I heart your blog!!

  5. Hi :) I followed you over from Karen's BBQ - fun isn't it? I love the costume!

  6. I followed you too, from the BBQ. Your Viking Festival sounds like our Renaissance Festival. I go when I can and have posted pictures. I don't have an outfit, but I do have an attitude. LOL.

    I also write fantasy. My medieval world was attacked by Vikings and now my modern American has shown up and looks like her Norwegian ancestry, so everyone thinks...oh no their back.

    I can not lay claim to Viking blood, but who knows, maybe, since my ancestors came from Scotland.

    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. Here from Karen's BBQ. Hi! *waves*

    Love the cloak!



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