Monday, 13 September 2010

*Drum roll please* 15 Blogs are about to be honoured on Valkyrian Sanctum....

15 Versatile Blogs that are recommended by Valkyrian Sanctum

  1. The Publishing Guru is a fantastic blog written and contributed by those in the Publishing industry and if you're brave enough you can even submitt some of your own work to their company. Also follow on Twitter @PublishingGuru
  2. All Things Urban Fantasy is exactly what it say on the tin and more - jam packed with latest book releases in the genre, top author interviews in the field, competitions, giveaways and loads of book reviews. Follow on Twitter @Abigail_ATUF 
  3. Attack of the Muses is the many interesting revelations experienced by one writing Mum who has one book soon to be published under the title 'Must Love Dragons' but the other reason why I love her in particular is that she does some great flash fiction with some rather interesting norse characters. Follow on Twitter @lil_monmon
  4. Bang out the Prose is a fantastic blog following the trials and tribulations of an aspiring author like myself who just happens to be writing an awesome supernatural Chick-Lit where it turns out the Devil really is a woman - the catch? She doesn't know it! She's always chirpy in her posts and there have been times where she has made me feel guilty for my lack of determination with my novel as this is one cool mother who won't give up the fight. Follow on Twitter @SuzKorb
  5. Chronicles of a Novice Writer is another nice and super friendly blog to follow one of the many aspiring novelists who share their experiences on the internet and Stephanie definitely takes her writing seriously with weekly Work in Progress updates encouraging us to share and try and keep up with her. Follow on Twitter @StephanieLMcGee
  6. Dark Faerie Tales is another wickedly cool place to keep up with and with over 1000 followers she surely is doing something good - she covers all things fantasy be it dark or urban including graphic novels, lots of book reviews, book news and ARC tours going on. Follow on Twitter @DarkFaerieTales
  7. Paranoram Haven is similar to Dark Faerie Tales and All Things Urban Fantasy but each cover a different range of books as well as authors so if you're writing in this genre field it's always good to keep an eye on the competition or even take away from inspiration for the author interviews.
  8. Sisters in Scribe is a cool blog written my many deadline dames, sharing their efforts to become published YA writers.
  9. Thoki and Lor blog is a specific blog to host the flash fiction chapters of the amazingly modern and funky norse tale written by Monica Marier from Attack of the Muses - go and have a read, it will make you laugh if not least smile.
  10. The Feckless Goblin is a young wity and rather clever writer blogging about horror fiction, writing and everything involved and welcomes guest posts be it fiction or non-fiction input. Follow on Twitter @ZiggyKinsella
  11. The Norse Mythology Blog does a lot more than discusses various views and gods in Norse Mythology but also looks at the impact of vikings and their faith as well as how vikings feature in various modern mediums including some north european rock and metal music. Follow on Twitter @NorseMythNews
  12. Vampires and Tofu does what it says its there to do except without the tofu. This young lady loves all things dark fantasy and of course vampires and so you will find lots of reviews of not just books but latest TV series such as TrueBlood vs Vampire Diaries? Follow on Twitter @VampireAndTofu
  13. Writer's In Their Own Words is a great website full of inspiring writers published and unpublished sharing their experiences, their writing habits, writing falls and successes - even I have been featured *hint hint* - so if you feel you need someone to make you feel guilty about your own writing this is the place that will make you want to spout out a story in no time. It did with me!
  14. From Reclusive Writer to Published Author is written by a very nice lady Karen Gowen who not only holds editing competitions and more and also shares her writing advice and experience but also encourages other writer bloggers to meet up at her own virtual blog BBQ. I met some lovely writers via that great virtual online event. Follw on Twitter @KarenGowen
  15. Constant Revision is the only other blog I follow thats written by a man apart from Norse Mythology and Publishing Guru, he's a generally nice and friendly guy and comes up with some unusual writing courtesy of teaming up with his other writing mates for a show-down almost. Follow on Twitter @WritingAgain 
Congrats to all the lucky few of chosen - you have all played a roll in my own writing life so far I thank you.


  1. Some great blogs. I'm going to check out the others.


  2. Thank you so much!! Great write up.

  3. I am pleased to be on your list. I wish you all the best with your writing career.

  4. Aww thanks for the award and your kind words about me and my blog. I'm glad to see Suz Korb's blog on there. She is one funny gal. I have followed her blog for awhile and love her posts. She always makes me laugh.

  5. You're darling, good lady. Thanks for listing me along with such a celebrity-studded crowd!

    I shall endeavor to remain entertaining, or at least not dull.


  6. You flatterer you! Thanks for the blog award and mention of my blog, Becky :)

    And Karen, if I have made but one person laugh, my job is done ;)

  7. Thanks so much for the award. I really appreciate you thinking of me. Congrats to you as well.


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