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What ever happened to Cinderella and Prince Charming? - Michelle Argyle knows - Cinders Review

CindersCinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rewriting classic tales or legends is as tricky as a cubix cube. I should know because I write a modern twist on norse mythology. The risk is changing it beyond its former self. And Michelle Davidson Argyle has managed to just about stay within that boundary of familiarity and change. She does breath some new life into characters such as the fairy godmother *warning - forget the classic old lady from disney) as she gives her a history and her own magic secrets. She introduces us to the reality of being a princess instead of having Cinderella's happy ever after being simple happiness - which there is but there are also many real human difficulties such as overly powerful parent inlaws, the conflict created by being a simple hard working girl thrust into a world of court politics and royal responsibility. But thats where things kind of stand for plausability as a genuine future of Cinderella as Michelle then introduces the stranger - both to us and the main character - whose presence many years ago still haunts her. It leads Cinderella to do a lot of thinking over her decisions and where she has got in life and more importantly how. Without giving too much away new characters soon become especially important in order for Cinderella to try and gain true happiness but she must suffer to reach it. There are secrets kept, fresh magic cast, even blood is spilt. The ending however I feel is a bit of a flat conclusion, I won't say if Cinderella got the ending she deserved but that's one thing Michelle makes you think about after you've finished reading. It is definitely an original and more adult depiction of the fairy tale where everything is well once the girl has her prince. It will test your belief and faith of the happy ever after theme.

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