Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My Viking Saga of adventures in the Anglo-Saxon land of Wessex (aka holiday in Dorset)

I have returned! I have travelled to the heart of Anglo-Saxon terrirtory and survived to tell the tale. Sadly no great plunder or heads brought back but many fine tales and memories instead.
There were however quite a few interesting and suprising norse occurances.
Firstly there was my beautiful birthday gift from my anglo-saxon relatives:
A special runic gift for my 23rd. A rune of creativity on Twitpic
It is a special bind rune bought on my aunt and uncle's cruise to Iceland and Norway. It is meant to inspire creativity in those who understand the creative forces of life. Perfect for my writing!

Secondly is a special talisman I treated myself to in the witch town of Burely in the New Forset:
My holiday treat. A bronze travellers charm with runes on the... on Twitpic
Very beautiful and suprisingly light to wear - the runes engraved on the back as 'Venture forth and fear no harm'.

Thirdly was an unusual momument, in what it was standing as a memorial for, that I discovered in Swanage beach.
Who'd have thought the Victorians (it was erected in 1862) would have even remembered this battle occuring. I certainly didn't! And from what I've read in books about vikings in Dorset apparently a fleet was shipwrecked outside the harbour and survivors were attacked as they crawled up Swanage beach. But I will definitely research this event more.

Fourthly was a special drink beloved of the Vikings:
That's right! PROPER MEAD! I did try some of it myself but sadly although sweet at first the strength of the alcohol I didn't like. I'm beginning to think I just don't like any drink that contains alcohol lol. So sadly I do not have a viking stomach despite my viking obsessed heart.

Other than that it was the typical family holiday, visited the zoo, went on a steam engine to Corfe Castle and Swanage, had a barbeque, went shopping in Poole (which I was delighted to learn upon reading in local history books was run by vikings during their earliest attacks. Poole Harbour being a prime spot for launching more attacks.) And of course relaxing by my relatives outdoor pool on Monday when we had the best sunshine and hottest temperatures reading 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman. Still haven't finished it because were so busy I was always tired when we got back to the holiday cottage so I just hit the sack each night. Only managed to read on the long car journey up and down the country. Thus I didn't do any writing or editing either although I had it all with me. Still got a backlog of writing magazines to read through!

So now I'm back and due to hit working full time again tomorrow in preparation for masses of teenagers entering our college for the first time. Will have to start practicing my adult voice again. Hopefully though I can return to the writing habit I managed to start before my long absence of writing 1k of words a night.

*Fingers crossed*

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