Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My birthday dream of a being a viking - almost come true.....

Now everyone who knows me knows I love anything to do with vikings and their mythology or history or culture. So where perfect to celebrate my 23rd birthday but in my home city of York aka Jorvik, where I was born 23 years ago and what better to do on such a special day then dress up as a viking. Me and my boyfriend visited the Past Images photography shop in York where you can dress up from many periods in history. I wanted to be a viking warrior with sword and shield but alas costume cut backs meants I lost my chance but she offered me the next best thing - to be a sword maiden. I thought, well, its not totally vikingy in costume but at least it would be valkyrie-esque in nature. So I picked a lovely galadriel style dress, got a fancy sword and posed for about ten shots. Then I chose a background of worthy warriors and what you find beneat is the result of my special birthday picture shoot:

"On the day she became twenty years and three of age, the power of all her female descendants passed into her and so she emerged the new day transformed - A Valkyrie! With a legion of undead warriors always protecting her from the shadows of the unseeing eye, ready to fulfill their oath at her call."
Aren't I cool or what! I hope I do my valkyries proud.

Last post until I'm back on holiday so I hope you all have as much fun as I do! May the sun shine for all of us. See you in a weeks time with more adventures and photos to show and tell.


  1. I think I just saw a Viking! Happy Birthday?
    You look Viking enough for me.

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