Monday, 9 August 2010

A lone Viking warrior travels to Jorvik and then onto Wessex - home of the Anglo-Saxons (aka Holiday)

Right this is my final blog post for two weeks and here are the reasons why:

1) It is my 23rd birthday tomorrow (10th Aug) so I'm heading back to celebrate with family and BF. My 23rd is going to be particularly unique to me as I am making a day trip to good old Jorvik (aka York) to visit this fantastic Past Images photography shop where you can dress up in a range of time periods and have a professional photograph taken. Can you guess which time period I'm going to choose................... VIKINGS! Yep! I'm going to be for a small fraction of time a female viking warrior for my 23rd birthday. Hopefully I'll do my Valkyries proud and not look to ridiculous. Will try and get finished photo up on FB and my Twitpic if old laptop behaves itself.

2) My family and I are on holiday to the ancient realms of the Anglo-Saxons - Wessex (aka Dorset) from this coming Saturday so I'm spending the rest of this week at home until we travel down and then I won't be back until the 23rd. huh? Isn't that a funny number to crop up again....

But do not fear my followers, with a mother and sister as fiesty as can celt no Anglo-Saxon will be taking me hostage. Unless they offer me something vikingy hehehehe.

So my blog won't be kept up to date with my holiday and birthday adventures until I return two weeks hence but I will notify when I can via Twitter (@valkyrie1008) so do keep a look out for my tweets during the time of my absence.

Rest assured that I will have many sagas to tell and many pictures of my adventures to show you all upon my return. Plus I may even have a few new chapters to add from Soul Chaser as I do intend to try and get some writing done whilst I'm away using the traditional method of pen and paper.

So until I return - may Frigg guide you and Freya guard you.


  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Enjoy your holiday too, and have a really good time there.


  2. Have a great hols! And happy birthday!


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