Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Valkyrie from Soul Chaser finally got her wings!


If you're unsure what the excitement is all about please see the awesomeness pictured below.
Ok this is t-shirt was designed out of my WIP novel idea Soul Chaser - which feature Valkyries (the viking version of angels and a hell of a lot cooler) the best way to sum up by novel idea is with its tag line "There are more than Angels and Devils after your soul". But this t-shirt yet again expresses my love and fascination with Norse Mythology (the many great tales of adventures and mischief the norse gods the Aesir get up to.) The Valkyries feaure very briefly in it all hence why they fascinated me so much as there is so little known about them and their lives.

I began with the two wings and the wonder that is Image Maker (for those you don't know it's a cool paste that you cover any photocopied image with, place on fabric, leave over night, moisten paper to rub off, seal with paste when dry and clear and wella!). At first I wasn't entirely sure how to make the wings as they are usually quite a complicated layout of features but once I got the general basic curve of them being uplifted I replaced the features with my own words, cut out straight from the opening of my WIP Soul Chaser. So in a sense literally giving my valkyrie wings with my own words.
Once I had all that done I began working seperately on parts to form the body. I formed the chest, arms and cloak (top half) using multiple layers of different fabrics, primarily star fabric for her midnight cloak, grey felt and a silver fabric to represent chainmail for her armour.
I then created the head using pale pink fabric (sadly it frayed quite alot round edges hence dodgy mouth/lips), helmet of grey felt and brown embriodery thread for her hair.
Next I created the round shield using a base circle of brown felt, a circle of black fabric and then a rustic red circle cut into a pattern of quarters embroidered together.
After that it was a matter creating the back tail of the cloak beneath the round shield and her armoured legs disappearing into a point where she is emerging from within the depths of a book!
The book itself was made with a base of shiny purple fabric on top of purple felt, then several strip layers of calico for the pages (they were actually loose so they could be treated like pages but in the end were sewn down to prevent damage). Once book was complete I embroidered my WIP Soul Chaser title onto the pages.
Then it was merely a matter of sewing the small strip of brown felt for the spear and then sewing all the body parts together concurrently onto my t-shirt.
When all was applied my valkyrie soul chaser t-shirt design was complete.
A fitting symbol for my love of norse mythology and my inspiration for Soul Chaser.
Took me one week to make and ironically completed on Thursday (aka Thor's Day hehehe)
Now as I'm currently reading another book that isn't a Sookie thriller *shock horror* (yes I know but I've had to pass these two weeks somehow whilst I waited for local lib to finally get the one after Dead to the World.) And as I've now finished this which has consumed every evening since last weekend - *deep breath* dare I say the inspiration in this design might be my muse (if I have one) pushing me to finally begining Chapter 5?????

We shall have to wait and see *fingers crossed* After all summer holidays is coming up soon and who knows what crazyness might happen with all that free time.

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