Sunday, 11 July 2010

My 5 minute debut at Hebden Bridge Art Festival 2010 - Authorly love and support for me and from me

Well I survived and had a blast and the Ticket To Write event part of the Hebden Bridge Art Festival 2010.
Me and a few (really few, only 3 other lovely ladies turned up) joined author of 'Tag' Stephen May upon the hired London Routemaste performance bus to read out pieces of our writing.
Just next to the old 'Hole in t'wall' pub across from the Old Bridge in the little town which itself had a rather fascinating history. See the proud sign displayed by it below.
Anyway depsite the few numbers it meant we all weren't as nervous and managed to get along and despite the odd interuption of tourists popping their heads through the door we all spoke clearly and told our stories well. Each writer proved her individual talent with stories reflecting on motherhood and heritage to one about a comical school trip to France. After we had performed Steven read a chapter from his book 'Tag' which I honestly had never heard of or read before. And I was suprised to find it was told from a teenage girls point of view and even more suprised by how successfully and uncliched he got it across.
So I was even more happy when he gave away three copies, I got one and I then asked him to kindly sign it as a memento of all the pleasurable time we spent together during the writing group he ran at Halifax where I've been a constant pupil for the past 12 weeks.
See below for the super delightful message he left me with this signature *proud grin* The t-shirt in question is my valkyrie handmade one which he admired after I read a small section from Soul Chaser Chapter One - The Old Ways Never Die.
Stepehen May, author of Tag - " To Becky, if your novel is as good as your T Shirt you have a winner."

Now continuing on the theme of authorly love and support I recieved some super exciting news at the end of last week. One of the newest and most talented authors to enter the arena of Historical Fiction and bring the viking way of life back to the forefront of modern imaginations is my rather silent twitter friend and viking fan fellow Giles Kristian (@GilesKristian). He tweeted for a brief minute on Friday about he will be making an appearence at the English Heritage Festival of History 2010 event in Northampton, Sunday 18th July, in conversation with Greg Neale.
Of course I was over the moon about this as I currently have books signed from Tim Severin, Joanne Harris who are both viking authors of sorts and great at it and I would love to add Giles to my special collection as well as meet him and have another chance to show off my valkyrie t-shirt.
That was until I realised how far away Northampton actually was from lil Huddersfield. Yet I still entertained the idea that I could raid my savings and drag my BF along with me so I looked at train times down there - 3 hours each way wasn't too bad, coped with about the same when I went down to Oxford for a days training with my boss. Cost - about £66 with young person rail card. Sadly it turned out to be over £100 for BF who stupidly doesn't have one yet he uses the train more than me.
So now it's all down to me.
Do I go or do I stay?
I want to go, and I think I would be ok it's just a shame to be going on my own and I'm a little bit nervous about that fact. 
But could I live with myself if I didn't go? Is it worth the regret?
How far should fans go to show their love and support of one of their favourite authors? (And I'm not talking about stalking and wierd fan mail).
Either way I must make my decision by Wednesday at latest so I can get ticket booked and start relaxing.
What do you think I should do? What would you do in my position?

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